Should the Nagas prepare for the worst once again?



NNC Member


According to the news communique, the NSCN-IM has held a joint Council Meeting of Steering Committee and Council of Kilonsers on July 12, 2017, and adopted a resolution to consider individual or organization that stands opposed to the Framework Agreement as “anti-Naga national and anti-peace process”.


The Nagas have experienced the worst situation when the NSCN under the leadership of Th. Muivah started killing their own Naga brothers branded false allegation against them as anti-Naga national and traitors, saying; they stand to accept Indian Constitution. The worst situation the Nagas had been faced is still fresh in the minds of all Nagas. Yet again another resolution was adopted as mentioned above under the leadership of the same leader Th. Muivah, saying; individual or organization that stands opposed framework agreement (to accept Indian Constitution) will be considered as anti-Naga national or anti-peace process.


In the past they killed the true patriots who stood to defend the sovereignty of Nagaland on the false allegation that they stood to accept Indian Constitution, hence the Nagas lost great leaders, soldiers, and the public who love the nation. This time they will kill the true patriots, soldiers, and the Naga public because they opposed to accept Indian Constitution. The resolution was adopted knowing most of the Naga opposed the framework agreement, and the resolution itself is, therefore, a declaration that they will kill whosoever opposed the framework agreement. In the past too, they have adopted a resolution to kill the Nagas. So, the Nagas have to prepare for the worst once again.


Shall the Nagas allow such killing once again in Nagaland?


They killed the Nagas with the following false promise and pledge: that “We will never relinquish Nagaland to anyone.” (Quote: Manifesto, page 15). “We will never lay down from our hands our arms, our freedom and our country.” (Quote: Manifesto, page 40). “We tell you we will not accept whatsoever the silver chains or gold to bind us.” (Polarisation, page 49). “We are for peace and that with freedom, and not for peace you mean in capitulation.” (Quote: Manifesto, page 39). “The Shillong Accord is but almost entirely the work of Tenyimia leadership. Therefore, A.Z.Phizo and his followers are the sworn enemy of the people.” “We assure you once again that we will never relinquish anything of Nagaland’s sovereignty to invaders nor to Phizo and his men.” (Quote: Isak and Muivah’s statement, dated 3rd January 1984 from the book of NSCN Shepoumaramth, page 253 and 258).


But now, what promise will they give to the Nagas and killed them again?