Nagas, rise of the ‘Oreos’ and going Back to our Roots!

Avi Pfuno: As we enter the 21st century, a digital age when humans can connect globally, an alarmingly huge number of Oreos have sprinted out in the state of Nagaland.


“OREOS”- originally termed – usually disparaging: “a black person who adopts the characteristics, mentality and behaviors of white middle class society” OR in this context, “people with inferiority complex towards their own nation and culture, they all seem to want or feel western inside”.


While there is nothing wrong with exchanging cultural values and evolving our society through them, the problem arises when someone becomes so fanatical to the point where they lose complete sense of their identity and mock their own culture and traditions. That too pompously. This is when a society becomes regressive. Anything western becomes so appealing to them, they become dogmatically conclusive viewing their own cultural values as rubbish while propagating something completely foreign to them.The very reason behind the loss of identity within them.


The biggest problem behind this is the western educational system drilled into our skulls. A system rebuked by many of the world’s most successful people and entrepreneurs.


Basic knowledge in logic, reasoning and statistics during schooling would help an average person alot in making good life decisions, yet our education system psychologically manipulates us into believing in the superiority of western culture.


It is no surprise that we now see an alarming growth of sick western ideologies being propagated and their agendas been shoved through our throats forcefully. Our society is seeing an alarming growth of atheists, fanatical gay rights activists, modern feminazis and what not.


While I personally dont have any problem with anyone’s personal choice on their belief set, sexual preference etc, the problem starts when these “limousine liberals” shroud an ambiguous, even secretive agenda under a superficial commitment to social justice and moderate, incremental change. These people are pious about diversity but ready to abandon any belief at the slightest drop in poll numbers as long as the stats are backed by their “All Knowing” western media and intellectuals like as if we are too dumb to figure out whats best for our society. We are in the Age of Information… let that sink in. The earlier the better. As perfectly described by Phil Ochs, they are “10 degrees to the left of center in good times, 10 degrees to the right of center if it affects them personally”.


Cultural loss becomes apparent in societies when the cultural main stream is weak. Something vividly visible in our society. Many families have abandoned their mother tongue just to speak better English. But why the need to abandon your mother tongue when knowing more languages is an asset? Oreos much?? We must understand that our identity is established upon core values that are shared and improved over a long period of time and nothing just pops up instantaneously. These values can include language, system of belief, genetic traits, literature, customs, habits and many more. These values make one community different from the others and thats what make every community unique.


Cultural identity is formed on much more than a hollywood or bollywood movie we watched, several economic benefits we earn or a new fashion trend we adopted from other cultures.


Westernization or in current context, globalization should be used to transform a society positively not the other way around, which is the trend that seems to be more popular among the many “Oreos” in Nagaland these days. Just because it makes you feel accepted by the masses doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do. Just because it is the trend doesn’t mean you should be part of it. Our society can only function properly if the population is “educated sensibly” rather than our system focusing on good grades, passing exams, getting a high degree or memorizing stuffs we can always easily look up for reference.


Our society needs to wake up before the insanity takes over. We are in danger of losing our identity yet these “Oreos” will still defend their nonsense like “keepers of faith”.


A quote attributed to Mark Twain: “It is much easier to make a man believe in a lie than it is to make him believe that he has been lied to”.


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