Nagas speak in unison: NSCN (Reformation)

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 6 (MExN): NSCN (R) on Thursday urged all Nagas to speak in unison and rise above personal interest so that Nagas able to extract as much as from the GoI while hammering out the solution.



Appreciating the statesmanship shown by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi in getting the Naga Peace Accord signed on August 3 with the NSCN (IM), the NSCN (R) in a press release through its MIP hoped that GoI will also take into consideration the plight of the Naga people outside Nagaland particularly in Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur who have suffered immeasurably in the hands of the ‘non-Nagas’ and who all have been exploited for their innocence and ignorant by the other tribes and communities.



It said the signing of the peace accord clearly reflects the sincerity and seriousness of the Prime Minister in solving the long pending Naga issue.



“We have high hope and expectation from the GoI and particularly from the Prime minister that, with so much of understanding and maturity on the Naga issue, his government will definitely come with an amicable and honorable solution acceptable to the Naga people based on the historical and political rights of the Nagas,” the release stated.



On the occasion, the NSCN (R) also termed the patience and endurance shown by the NSCN collective leadership, while looking for the interest of Naga people, as equally praise worthy.



It also appreciated RN Ravi, interlocutor to the Indo-Naga peace talk for working tirelessly and putting relentless effort to bring an amicable solution to the long drawn Naga political issue.



Though yet to go through the contents of the draft agreement, NSCN (R) has espoused full faith on the wisdom of the Naga leaders who are spearheading the talks that, they will not let down the aspiration of the Naga people while ‘we already had a vast experience of many failed accords and agreement in the past which has failed to quell the Naga political movement.’

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