The Nagas and its tribal organizations

The Nagas and its tribal organizations

 Zakie Rupreo: After a thorough critical analytical research, I  have discovered a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in our present apex body & tribal organizations.Some powerful advocacy have been manipulating the democracy for narrow commercial gain & selfish interest, and in some instance have been found guilty of corruption, fraud, bribery & other several crimes.The whole issue has become increasingly monopolized by an internal agent called Kleptocracy.The dirty politics in Nagaland has weakened & paralyzed our apex tribal hohos & tribal youth organizations.I don’t mean that all the leaders of the apex Hohos are politically inclined & corrupt. However there are bunches of leaders who take the public for a ride to satisfy & please his/ her Master for his/her personal selfish interest & monetary gain.The prevailing epidemics must be stopped & controlled at the earliest.Therefore, I take this privilege to warn & caution the general public, the concerned citizens & the intellectual of the Nagas to choose the right leader to rebuild, strengthen & maintain the status & prestige of the Naga Tribal Organizations.(1) Do not elect any persons who are actively involved in politics.(2) Do not elect the Right hand or Left hand of a politician.(3) Do not elect those who have relation or close association with the politicians.(4) Do not elect a corrupt whether he is capable or rich.(5) Do not elect those involved in scam & criminal cases.A person who has inspired others to do good things, dreamt more, done more & become more is a true leader.


Raajellung Gonmei II: Most of the time, many of capable, educated people just refuse to be part of civil organisation actively, even when approached. I believe that while choosing or selecting CBO leaders and office bearers, first preference goes to the above stated people. However, due to their reluctance, this void is filled with others. Not all, but most. Now, these days, people have started to realize the importance of CBO but a system is already in place, as of today, which might be difficult to overturn unless an active participation is volunteered by individuals and encouraged by parents.



Ban, Ban, Ban, Banned, Banned, Banned

Mhathung Ngulee: The central government is mooting bans on this/that frequently while the NBCC is also busy banning this/that in Nagaland. We won’t have anything to eat, drink or do without these people telling us that it’s not right or appropriate. I for one do not encourage or accept extreme right wing ideologies or “extreme evangelism” from both the RSS and NBCC. And I think NBCC should focus on fighting corruption (if at all their true intentions are meant for the welfare of the state and the people) and not on propagandas that erodes the secular foundation of this country. Loving thy neighbour and harnessing a spirit of tolerance is the right ethical thing to do as a Christian. This trend of instigating intolerance to the masses is not the right gesture from an apex body that is claiming to stand for Christian values and ideals of a state with the highest percentage of Christians in the country. You should realize the relevance and benefits of the melting pot theory by which we have progressed this far as a nation-state in spite of our diversity.To my fellow Indians, I seek a spirit of common brotherhood and unity, where you are expected to respect our religion as much as I respect your faith and beliefs. Do not impose irrational bans on our food habits and attack our religious institutions by legislating irrational laws and acts on the pretext of checking forced conversions, but rather give us the freedom to profess our religion in any way we deem fit as long as it does not infringe on your liberty and freedom and also it is expected of you to respect/revere our religious institutions just as we respect yours. After all, at our very borders, there is a Muslim or a Christian or a Sikh soldier who are willing to lay down their lives for the nation. We are not any less patriotic than a particular community or religious group with the maximum percentage of population.


Hekiye Sema: Our Saviour Jesus Christ died for all our sins which includes non Christians..everyone, man or woman. The common wisdom and knowledge blessed by God to mankind in the form of YOGA must be used for our gain. Chants used to meditate are easily replaceable with words that praise our own Gods as per our earthly religion.
Mongsen Aier: Totally agree with your post. We are living in a democracy where what you do or how you live your life should not be dictated by any institution or person. Making your own choice is the very essence of democracy. Sadly though, we are now living in a world where every choice we make is questioned and the very essence of democracy is murdered. Whether it is the RSS with its own Hindutva propaganda or now the NBCC with its own lists of directives, have no right whatsoever to impose it upon us. We have our rights and as such we can make informed decisions and choices. Tolerance is what we need.


KhaThing RonRei: Absolutely right! When Hindu nationalist try to infringe upon the sacrosanct secular rights of other minority religious groups it’s not OKAY. Yet here we are, when our very own Church infringes upon that same constitutional right, granted to all, regardless of creed, caste, gender, Nagas are NOT OKAY. And unfortunately this is the majority sentiment. Extreme Right views or the extreme Left (they both often behave identically except for different ethos and ideas, but communistic, fascist in nature sometimes non-militant at times very) will only degrade and disfigure what could be a diverse plural society. Nagas have one choice to make and that is to whether or not be open minded, or close minded with topics such as this. We cannot continue to pretend it is alright when we do the WRONGS and say the WRONGS out of one fundamental dogma and say we are peace loving people, while we in reality behave like banned Taliban terrorist. The only difference is they got guns, NBCC hasn’t got one, yet.