Founder Artistic Director of Hill Theatre, Bendang Walling whose play “Jina and Etiben” will feature on the opening night of the 6-day National Theatre Festival 2017 to be held in Mokokchung.

“Jina & Etiben” to feature on opening night


The annual National Theater Festival 2017 is set to be held in Nagaland for the first time which will be held at Town Hall, Mokokchung from October 10 and on. On the first night of the six-day long festival will feature a play called “Jina and Etiben” directed by Bendang Walling, an alumnus of National School of Drama, New Delhi and founder Artistic Director of Hill Theatre, Nagaland.


The story of Jina and Etiben is a love saga considered to be one of the most popular Naga folk tales. It is said that Jina and Etiben were born and raised in the village of Mopungchuket, an Ao Naga village. According to the director, the love saga of Jina and Etiben unlike William Shakespeare’s composition Romeo and Juliet were real live persons who lived during the 12th century. The rendition of the story of Jina and Etiben by Hill Theatre, according to the director, portrays the “fight against haves and have-nots” apart from the tale of the unconsummated love story of the legendary lovers and the purported supernatural elements that shrouds the love saga in mystery.


Hill Theatre, established in 2012, has been primarily engaged with production of street plays, skits, one act plays, dance ballets, mime plays & full pledged plays. Apart from its primary focus on theatrical arts, Hill Theatre also has produced short films, music videos and other audio-visual productions with an objective of identifying and encouraging local talents in the state of Nagaland with specific reference to performing arts.


Bendang Walling, founder Artistic Director of Hill Theatre, has directed at least eight theatre plays along with a short film called “Blissful” and is the awardee of NEZCC Young Talented Artist Award 2008-09 and Ao Students Union Excellency Award (Theatre).


The National Theatre Festival 2017 will begin on all days at 5:30 PM and will feature theatre plays performed by 6 groups from various parts of the country. Entry free.

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