‘Natural resources diminishing at rapid pace’

‘Natural resources diminishing at rapid pace’

EAC (J) Imtinungla addressing the gathering during the World Water Day observed at District Fishery Office, Wokha on March 22. (DIPR Photo)

Wokha, March 22 (MExN): Department of Soil Conservation organized the international World Water Day on March 22 at District Fishery Office, Wokha on the theme ‘Leaving no one behind safe water for all,’ with EAC (J) Imtinungla as the special guest.

A DIPR report stated that addressing during the celebration, the special guest stated that all our natural resources are diminishing at a rapid pace which is very alarming for our survival where she urged all to change our ways of living by way of using water resourcefully. She also appealed line departments to create innovative plans and ways to tackle water shortage problems.

District Forest Officer, Zuthunglo Patton, speaking during the occasion appealed the participants and citizens in making Mt.Tiyi forest more greener as this forest is the only source of water for Wokha town and called for preservation and conservation of the Mt.Tiyi so that we can get safe and sufficient drinking water for generation to come.

JE, PHED Er.Chenithung while giving the status of water resources under PHED Wokha division said, Water is called the “Elixir of life”. But, with the expansion of human population, developmental activities, reckless deforestation- surface as well as ground water sources are getting depleted as well as contaminated. Despite this fact, we still tend to give less importance to this precious life sustaining liquid. Unless, a common responsibility is shouldered by all, the slogan- ‘Leaving no one behind – safe water for all’ will never become a reality.

He also stated, other factors aside, one sometimes tend to give more importance to other luxuries, rather than on this essential commodity ie safe potable water. Just by lodging queries/ complaints/ suggestions to the nodal department, will not solve the problem of water scarcity in the district. It is common responsibility for all- for water to be used judiciously. Department of Soil and Water Conservation also gave a power point presentation.