NBCC clarifies it never asked not to vote for particular party

Kohima, February 21 (MExN): Apropos the news item ‘Churches in Nagaland unify in chorus for clean election, censure violence,’ published on February 21, the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) has denied asking voters not to choose ‘any communal party’ and to choose ‘Naga identity.’


“In relation to these comments made in the articles, the Nagaland Baptist Church Council clarifies that the Council has not made any such statement,” NBCC stated in a press note. “Although the church has come strong on communal force behind political party it has not gone to the extent of voicing out whether to vote or not to vote for a particular party,” it added.


The council further maintained that it has also never appealed to the voters to vote for ‘Naga Identity.’


“NBCC continues to plead to the conscience of the voters during this election that in this matter our faith plays an important role. And in a time such as this NBCC stands clear on Clean Election platform to vote right and without influence. In this crucial time NBCC also appeal to the voters not to be swayed away by any ill motives,” the press note stated.