NCD not to allow lightning bandh/strikes in Dimapur

NCD not to allow lightning bandh/strikes in Dimapur

DIMAPUR, JUNE 12 (MExN): The Naga Council Dimapur (NCD) has issued a public notification that no organizations, hohos/unions/associations etc shall henceforth be allowed to ‘arbitrarily’ impose any lightning bandh or strikes in Dimapur.

A public notification issued by NCD pointed out that such arbitrary imposition of lightning bandh/strikes have inflicted immense suffering to the general public on several occasions through riot, violence, arson etc thereby disturbing public peace and resulting in loss of lives/properties and creating communal/tribal disharmony and enmity.

It cautioned that any organization/hoho/union/association found guilty of imposing such arbitrary, random and illegal lightning bandh/strikes shall be considered non-cooperative, anti-social and harmful to the peaceful co-existence of Naga society.

The NCD also informed that any party intending to organize democratic form of protests for any legitimate grievances should do so with due permission from the district administration and at the same time consult/inform the NCD/DCCI/DNSU at least three days in advance for further public awareness.

It also asked all shops, business establishments, schools, colleges/institutes, departments etc not to cooperate with such calls for lightning bandh and strikes but to report the matter to the district administration/police or inform the NCD/DCCI/DNSU for proper coordination with the authorities.

The NCD has appealed all concerned to cooperate with this notification which it reminded has been issued in public interest.