NDPP alleges intimidation against its supporters in Dimapur III A/C

Dimapur, March 14 (MExN): The Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) unit of 3-Dimapur-III Assembly Constituency has alleged that “terrorizing and intimidating” the supporters of NDPP in the constituency still continues by some youths of Kiyeto village under Dhansiripar even after completion of the state Assembly elections.


A press release from Wati Walling, NDPP 3-Dimapur-III A/C president claimed that on the night of March 13, some group of Kiyeto villagers attacked the residence of Jimy, unit president, NDPP Dhansiripar for purportedly supporting the NDPP candidate of the constituency. The NDPP unit president and his elder brother’s properties were damaged, while his sister was injured in the incident, the release alleged.


It stated that this kind of incident is not the first time in 3-Dimapur-III constituency. In the previous Assembly election in 2013, it said, four youths were injured with 12 bore on the polling day for supporting a particular candidate.


Accusing the recently elected NPF MLA of the constituency of “instigating his supporters to terrorize the supporters of NDPP candidate,” the press release maintained it is high time for him to “introspect” whether “he is doing so consciously or unconsciously as a responsible leader.” It is also high time for the public to judge what type of leader he is, it added.


“As an elected leader, he should become a responsible leader and not to create unwanted situation,” NDPP asserted.


“The gruesome act of terror and intimidation created in the minds of electorates of Dhansiripar Sub-Division especially Kachari and Dimasa have been one of his greatest targets to win Assembly election 2018. During the period of election, no other candidates were allowed to meet the electorates and intimated electorates to vote in favour of NPF candidate only or face dire consequences and that has happened on 14/3/2018,” it added.


The NDPP appealed to the authority to take punitive action against the people involved in the incident. “If the authority fails to do so, then the party workers of NDPP 3-Dimapur-III A/C shall not just remain a silent spectator.”