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NDPP making all efforts to be an ‘active facilitator’

Dimapur, October 21 (MExN): The NDPP today said that neither the party nor the Government it heads are parties to the ongoing Indo-Naga dialogue. “The talks have always been left to the negotiating parties to work out a mutually-acceptable formula that is honorable, democratic and long-lasting,” it said responding to the “lies” of the opposition NPF.

The NDPP termed the allegations made by the Naga People’s Front (NPF) that the NDPP leadership has been instigating Nagas to go for a solution at any cost regardless of whether a separate Flag and Constitution is made available for the Nagas as “absurd and ridiculous.”

“The NDPP is alive to the situation and is making all efforts to play the role of an active facilitator,” a press statement issued by the NDPP Media & Communication Committee stated.

It held that such irresponsible utterances are unbecoming of a matured political party like the NPF.

“Our leaders including the Chief Minister and other members of the Cabinet including the elected members have continuously held deliberations and consultations with all sections of stakeholders regularly. The NDPP members have also been part of all consultative meetings along with other members of the PDA coalition and we have never shied away from our responsibilities in any manner. In fact, an official NDPP delegation led by the Chief Minister and the Party President had even called on the Governor to deliberate on the prevailing political scenario. We have assured the interlocutor of our support for the talks while calling for an early and honorable solution,” the NDPP informed in a press statement.

At this crucial time, “should we not be putting the Naga political issue above everything else?” it probed, while adding the NPF should wake up to these realities.

While the demands of the negotiating parties have been spelt out clearly to the people, the NDPP said  that it was to everyone’s knowledge that neither the “NDPP nor the PDA and the State Government are a direct party to the ongoing negotiations and therefore, there is absolutely no question of any of these entities giving conditions or suggestion on the competencies of the solution.”

“The Naga issue is above individual or organization, and at such a crucial juncture, no one should throw spanners in the hard works put in by all negotiating parties which could jeopardize the entire peace process. The NDPP supports the early resolution of the decades old Indo-Naga political problem in a manner that is honorable and democratic and respects the unique history of the Nagas. We support the principles of the Framework Agreement and assure the Naga people that we will respect the feelings and sentiments of the masses,” the statement added.
At this juncture, the NDPP held that all sections of the Naga society should work collectively in order to achieve an early and honorable political solution that upholds the democratic rights of the people.

It called upon the opposition NPF to “desist from attempting to score political brownie points over a matter that is crucial for Nagas and all future Naga generations, but rather, come forward with a positive attitude without their baggage of ill-will and vested interests.”

The NDPP meanwhile, made a “clarion call to all Nagas to continue in upholding the ongoing negotiations in our prayers since the talks have come to an extremely crucial juncture that will determine the future of all Naga generations.”


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