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Need to define skill based wages in Nagaland!

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Adahe Neli Kriibve: A Wheel barrow ( Thela ) puller’s 15 minutes work wage equivalent to Post graduate whole day wage in Dimapur.  If bribery, extortion, nepotism, cronyism, patronages are forms of corruption what about rampant hike prices in shops and labor wages etc.?

Yesterday I ordered one ordinary single bed from Purana Bazzar. A Thela (wheel barrow) Puller delivered to me behind civil hospital. I asked how much I should pay you? The puller asked me to give only Rs.300/- and added for others he charges Rs.350-400. I was shocked yet I smiled at him. I told him “Misha nakobi kun pora imman tu dibo, itutu bishi ashe Rs. 150 lobi. Then suddenly he started shouting at me, “ Ekshow pachas (150) lobule tin sho manghi bo? Dushara mano 350-400 loeto.” I was even more shocked and angered by the way he reacted. I asked who made this price for you? After few minutes of argument I requested him again to take Rs. 150 and go. Ahh even worse he said, don’t give me I will not take the money and pretended to move away that left me red face and humiliation in front of others. Then I call him back raised my voice how much do you earn in Bihar the whole day? I said, I am a post graduate student and employed, I work 8-9 hours in a day and earn Rs. 350/-. How can you demand Rs 300-400 for 10-15 walk/work. This is extortion, unfair and blah blah blah. Finally he took the money and went away. My mind is really disturbed and sense of uneasiness for the way I have shouted him back. As a peace activist I always try to live a simple life, respect, accept, fair, honest, but it has become almost every day experience for many in one way or other. Let us discuss! The experience has led me to question the following: what is really happening in Dimapur? Do the wheelbarrow puller deserves Rs.300-400 for 15 minutes work? Have I raised my voice unnecessarily? Do we have consumer rights association? If we have, what are they doing? Who is responsible for unchecked hike prices from smallest to biggest thing in our state the shops and others? Is that a form of taxation and corruption by non local entrepreneurs?

Kote Elah: I think you still paid too much. Honestly, its a serious concern. We may all as well be cart pullers if he could earn that much in 15 minutes. However to be on the safe side, I was told by my teacher to first settle the fare prices before hiring any such services. Indeed it helped a lot. Nonetheless, your post deserve a serious note considering how we are extorted in many ways.

ADo Dozhoyi Ckg: A good post and you have not raised your voice unnecessarily brother. Indeed this is the real issue facing the common man. The Government is no more a welfare state but only of the elite and party loyalist who are concerned only with the idea of get rich soon policy and, leaving the other things to the common man to deal with themselves. What a pathetic situation we have got! Maybe we can appraise the concern department of Labor and employment through a representation/ memorandum.

Pepen Timothy Patton: So true. Go to Bihar and look at their houses,all concrete 2-3 storey buildings(I am serious). Go to any banks, their queue are longer than our queues. If anyone happens to check their accounts, their eyes will poop out in surprise,yes Lakh and Lakhs of rupees in their accounts.  Look at our young healthy strong unemployed youths, just wiling away their times chewing tamul and sanga beris in their blood stained teeth. Most of them are like parasites to their old parents. Such a pity. Look at those biharis and IBI,they have easily mastered our local dialects and sucking away our money in many ways. taking advantage of our laziness. Do you guys know that in Shimla and many other places, they do not allow any outsiders to run any types of businesses in their land? They give permits to their own local people unlike our state where those idiots are willingly selling the permits for a few 100 Rupees. Shame on those people. Many young sisters and brothers from our land are scattered everywhere in all metropolitan cities risking their life to earn few thousand bucks, when in reality they can easily earn it in our own land if those business establishment belongs to our patriotic Nagas entrepreneurs who have concern for our young unemployed youths.  I am sure that, if our young unemployed people starts replacing them in the train stations and other places, hey will earn a good income like them. Our people are very generous, so we will think twice before bargaining with them after knowing their situations. There is no more jobs in the state government and central govt. because they are reserved and booked for those people who have a strong political backings. Let us Develop our skills and fit in wherever we can earn our livelihoods. Thank You.

Samuel Vio: Simple. Supply and demand. When we won't 'stoop' to do such jobs they can charge us what they want. We'd rather pay through the nose rather than push a thela to save our life. Difficult to digest but that's the simple yet hard-hitting fact. When are we going to change this equation?

Local Ground events add to traffic woes

Rolice Sema: When Kohima is already chocked with vehicles why play games like football/Wrestling etc in local ground which is in the heart of the town? We have IG Stadium & Kisama ground which is much bigger & better place for such activities. The authority should put public inconveniences into consideration while executing decisions.
Noune Sekhose: Today's traffic jam was indeed, bad..worse than the other days. Its not a bad idea, if any such big events be venued at IG Stadium
Peter Rutsa: The purpose of Kisama is not to host sporting events of such popularity and the attendance it evokes. IG stadium has always being suggested to host such events by all those who love Kohima town and want the best for it inspite of all its limitations. But till now only suggestions were given. This menace of traffic jams being caused by mega Naga and tribal events at Kohima local ground needs a serious thought. Infact its about time citizens put down their foot and say enough of it. I am a wrestling lover (Didn't find time to watch either Angami or Naga 2014 though) but for my enjoyment putting others to inconvenience is not my cup of tea. Its never too late and will be raising this issue.

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