Need to re-frame & re-define concepts

Witoubou Newmai

In a time such as this, it is important to be reminded that a society with the right attitude has no room for melodrama and contradiction. Since attitude also affects circumstances, it is important to dissect the collective attitude of the society if it is to take up corrective measures. Unless this exercise is done, it may not be possible to improve the level of consciousness of any society.

It is said that progress often fails to escape a conscious society. So, what does it depict of a society that degenerates, and not otherwise? The point to recognize is that- no matter how massive the efforts one experts with bellicose eyes towards progress, the efforts will prove futile unless they are founded on the ‘solid rock’ of collective consciousness of a society informed by the right attitude.

So many concerns have been glaringly present in the Naga society.

Melodramas and contradictions overwhelming the social atmosphere say it all: that the Naga society has failed to base our various campaigns on ‘solid rock’. This is why even as the society makes corruption or environment, or any other issue, as fireplace deliberations, auras are built around those obdurate elements.

There is a real need for Naga society to rethink and to defiantly come to realize the importance of the right attitude to address conceptual disarray on the issues confronting the society. In other words, it should be considered an urgent need to re-frame and re-define the concepts of campaigns on various issues.

As long as one sees corruption as an ‘object’, and fails to recognize and abhor the spirit behind the corrupt practices, then the campaigns against corruption will be aiken to pouring water into a container with holes. The same analogy holds good for campaigns on environmental issues.

When the spirit and joy of nurturing nature becomes the forces behind environmental campaigns, then only will the melodramas and the contradictions end.

All this is about a society yet to recognize on what basis and for what purpose it campaigns. The argument is also about ridiculing how one stashes oneself in the comfort zones where s/he remains until the next event to lend a knee-jerk reaction.

Events cannot be continuous but the required attitude has to be ‘continuous’ in any campaign. Otherwise, more confusing concerns will corp up to militate against every endeavour.

It is time the society gives a fully realized response to the charge of melodramas and contradictions.