The need for younger generation to change their view about politics and politicians

The need for younger generation to change their view about politics and politicians

Ronjamo C Murry: Do you know that servers at restaurants are not allowed to tell customers they don’t like a dish? So if you ask about a dish and they say “It’s one of our most popular dishes”, chances are they don’t like it at all. But you won’t know that because you’re not a server.


Do you know that doctors sometimes are scared more than their patients but they have to control their emotions? You don’t because you are not a doctor.


Do you know that teachers do not always get along with each other? That they may have personality conflicts or disagreements that fuel a mutual dislike? You don’t because you are not a teacher.


Do you know that most seasoned entrepreneurs know that 50 page business plans are an outdated way of devising your future business moves? You don’t because you’re not an entrepreneur.


Do you know that pilots lie when they say “water landing”? There’s no such thing as a water landing, it’s actually called crashing into the ocean. But you wouldn’t know that because you’re not a pilot.


Go out there in the real world and ask real people about their real jobs and you will learn so many things about them and their jobs that you’d have never known unless it came from their own mouth. That brings us to the main part or the main reason for this post. NEWS FLASH!! Being a POLITICIAN is also a job and just like we’ve seen above with the doctors, pilots, teachers, etc, I’m pretty sure that it’s NOT how we think it to be and I.E “Give speech, ask votes, spend money, get votes, win, bring development”. I’m sure there are so many responsibilities and others things that come with being a politician that we have little to no idea or clue about.


To those who know me personally, know that I’m not writing this post because of my background, but because I am worried about how our generation is growing up to hate politics and politicians. I do accept the fact that this could’ve been a result of how our government has failed us along the way and also that we do have certain rotten apples in the basket. But ask yourselves, is that really reason enough to give up on politics?


In a small state like ours, where each of us come from even smaller towns and villages, whether you like it or not, it is 100% guaranteed that politics will at some point, play a role in your life one way or the other. But everytime I slide into your Facebook bio and scroll down to “Political Views”, I find “eW pOLiTicZ sUKz”. Everytime I scroll down a post in different blog groups, hoping to find a good comment to engage a meaningful and fruitful debate, all I find is comments like “eW pOLiTicZ sUKz” and “i hAtE pOLiTicZ”. With that kind of attitude, when later in life, politics come knocking at your door, how are you going to deal with it? How are you going to handle yourself?


Also, the latest and coolest trend going on right now is posting or sharing things about how all politicians suck, how all of them are liars, how all of them should die (not exaggerating). This is entirely based on our assumption of how or what the work of a politician is, like I’ve mentioned above and that is, “Give speech, ask votes, spend money, get votes, win, bring development” and when it doesn’t happen the way WE THINK it should happen, we start with the baseless/blind hatred and disgust for politicians without really knowing anything about what being a politician means. So again, with that kind of arrogant attitude towards politicians, how are we going to find or be the leaders of tomorrow?


Of course, most of us being young, have many other more important things to focus on other than politics, for example, our academics. But remember, the future of Nagaland is in our hands and to shape it, we really need to develop a positive attitude towards politics too.


This happened on Wednesday (13-12-2017)


Tali M Sashyie Jamir: The driver of the Nagaland State Transport (NST) from Dimapur to Mangkolemba (via Golaghat road) was drunk, I was told. My brother was one of the passengers. While departing from the station the bus hit an autorickshaw. On the highway, it broke one of its side glasses (rearview mirror) as it went pass another vehicle (another bus perhaps)!


Somewhere in Assam it again almost hit a bicycle. Further, twice it almost skidded off road, luckily saved, perhaps, by the vigilant SCREAMS of the helpless passengers! Finally, the bus had to be halted as they reached Mariani, Assam, and most of the passengers could not even get the courage to continue their journey on that bus any further. They had to “make transportation arrangements” for themselves from there. I was told that my brother and some few others hired a Maruti van from Mariani to Mangkolemba. Remaining passengers certainly did that, I believe.


Just glad that nothing happened to him or any of the passengers but to be very honest, when my brother was narrating the episodes of yesterday’s incidents, I couldn’t say anything but “Passenger khan kaun bhi eku koa nai?” (None of the passengers did anything?). I was furious.


I am not going to go into the philosophy of what a driver should do or discuss his responsibilities and the safety of the passengers as his first priority because I believe that we all know too well about this, especially the drivers (whoever they are). Whatsoever, I will not let this matter go just like this. I am going to report this to the competent authority. Please let this post reach to everyone, especially the ‘Authorities” concerned.


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