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A Nei Kezivi 2: Tenyidie romance novel sequel by Neisevituo Sorhie released

Lok Sabha MP Neiphiu Rio (2nd from left) during the release of the book A Nei Kezivi –II, a Tenyidie romance novel sequel written by Neisevituo Sorhie (extreme right) on Saturday. (Morung Photo)


Our Correspondent
Kohima | December 2


A Nei Kezivi –II, a Tenyidie romance novel sequel written by Neisevituo Sorhie was released on December 2 by Lok Sabha MP Neiphiu Rio at Capital Convention Centre, Kohima.


The first sequel of A Nei Kezivi was published in the year 1996 which received much acclaim from young Tenyidie readers requesting the author to come up with a sequel.


A Nei Kezivi (loosely translated in Tenyidie is ‘My beloved’s beauty’) is a fictional work but derived from the realities of life, said D. Kuolie, Secretary General, Ura Academy while giving an introduction to the novel. The realities that a person or society comes across is often written in fiction, viewed Kuolie mentioning that when the first book was released, it sold off quickly and received positive reviews from readers.


“For years Ura Academy has hoped and envisioned Tenyidie literature to increase.” said Kuolie adding that the romance novel has been written with the young readers in mind.


“So many scholarly books have been written in Tenyidie yet it fails to capture the attention of young readers, so the novel has been written with an attempt to influence young readers to understand and learn the depth of the language of Tenyidie,” said Neisevituo Sorhie, the author of the book.


Providing a brief glimpse of his first novel, Sorhie said it is about a young IAS officer who falls in love with a woman yet the novel ended without the two lovers getting married.


Following reader’s request to write a sequel on the lives of the lovers, the author has come up with the sequel which follows the marriage of the two lovers.


Sorhie viewed that the young today lack speaking not only conversational Tenyidie but the quality, grammar and depth of the language, therefore the author hoped that a film can also be produced where the actors will be able to deliver the actual depth of Tenyidie speaking that will enable viewers to also learn Tenyidie.


“Writers are people with a deep sense of thoughts, creativity and patience. Books are important because they give guidance for people to live, understand life and the direction to move forward,” said MP Neiphiu Rio who also maintained that the study of Tenyidie has not been emphasized among the young, and they lack the sense of ownership with the language.


“Although learning international languages such as English is important in today’s world, it is also important to learn one’s own language,” said Rio who felt that the author has written the novel understanding the realities of the Naga’s way of life.