News on brief

Directive to check illegal activities in Dimapur

Dimapur, October 15 (MExN): With a serious view to check all the illegal activities practicing in and around Dimapur in the name of various Naga Political group collecting taxes, extortion and disturbing the peaceful environment and hurting the sentiments of the Naga people, the Ministry of Kilo Affairs of NCSN (IM) has directed the Dimapur Town Command Commander, Highway Command Commander, Caretaker/CAO UT-I to strictly implement to deal with the culprit with immediate effect. Secretary to the GPRN, M. Daniel Lotha in a press release stated that besides the above specification, the source Ministry of the GPRN; the Chaplee, Mines and Minerals to Forest and Environment and Kilo Affairs shall be assigned to deal with proper revenue collection as per the Azha of the Government. To eradicate the menace of illegal extortionist, the ‘Government’ also appealed the general public, NGOs, Civil Societies, GB’s and the Colony Council members to support and report any sort of the kind to the competent authority for further process.


Sohonumi Clan condemn rape

Phek, October 15 (MExN): The Sohonumi Clan, Phek (SCP) has condemned the inhuman act of one Surhoseyi (Kuvethi) Keyho of Chozuba Village who allegedly raped a minor of 14 years old, at the his resident located at Bethany-I colony, Phek Town in the month of August. A condemnation note jointly appended by the Clan Chairman Kuveluta Soho and General Secretary Kuzhovesa Soho alleged that “the rapist has on several occasions repeatedly raped the minor which is beyond human tolerance and is highly punishable under law.” The Clan expressed that the rapist deserves stringent punishment and therefore urge the authority concerned not to give bail able warrant to the rapist. It further warned that “anybody intervening in bailing out of the rapist shall be held responsible of whatsoever.”