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NHM employees to continue with total cessation of work

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 17 (MExN): In connection with the ongoing total cessation of work by the National Health Mission (NHM) Nagaland employees which began today for delay in release of salary including increments, arrears and incentives, the Mission Director has reportedly written a letter requesting to call off the strike with the assurance that all pending salaries will be released within ten days.


According to a press statement from the NHM aggrieved employees, the letter also stated that the release of increments, areas and incentives would be finalised during the next meeting of the Executive Committee, State Health Society, NHM, Nagaland.


The employees while appreciating the positive response by the Mission Director NHM has reiterated its stand which is for the release of the pending salary together with all the increments areas and incentives for all the programmes under NHM.


It also mentioned that, after the receipt of the approved ROP 2017 to 2018 in October 2017 wherein the approval for all increments, arrears and incentives as proposed for NHM employees were given, the same matter was never put up as an agenda for discussion in any of the executive committee meetings that were held.


When Government of India had already approved all the demands highlighted, the State should not have any problem in implementing it without further complicating the situation, the press release pointed out.


Therefore, since the partial assurance provided by the MD does not fulfill the demands of the employees, it had been decided that the agitation will continue until a more acceptable and concrete decision is made by the MD, the press release informed.