NMA condemns alleged rape of mentally challenged woman

DIMAPUR, MAY 20 (MExN): The Naga Mothers Association (NMA) has condemned the alleged rape of a mentally challenged mother of eight on the evening of May 17 and said it is “aghast at the subsequent punishment meted out to the accused by the customary court excommunicating him from the village for a mere seven days.”


The NMA demanded that stringent action be taken by immediately arresting the accused so that law enforcing agency may award him befitting punishment as per law. It urged the investigating agencies for an impartial investigation “without concealing any part of their investigation…”


The NMA further questioned “how can the village council or for that matter the customary law excommunicate him for a period of just 7 days after which he will be allowed to come back? What is the certainty that he will not repeat the same crime again? At this rate the plight of women is at stake.”


It appealed to “custodians” of customary law to take into account the heinous crime committed and “not to award such unacceptable judgements in future.” The NMA has urged victims of any form of violence to contact their nearest law enforcing authority and “not just succumb to pressure from outside and settle for unjust settlement.”