NNPGs Working Committee clears air on ongoing talks with GoI

DIMAPUR, JULY 21 (MExN): The Working Committee (WC) of the Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) has sought to clear air on the ongoing talks with the Government of India. In a press statement, the media cell of the WC-NNPGs said in recent days, the mainland media outlets have been active on the Indo-Naga political talks, touching subject matters that do not conform to the agreed position or preamble to negotiations signed on November 17, 2017 in New Delhi.


Seeking to clear any confusion, the press statement said the NNPGs under the banner of Working Committee (WC), with N Kitovi Zhimomi, General Secretary GPRN/NSCN, as Convener and five Co-conveners, all from different Political Groups- Zhopra Vero, Vice President FGN, Y Wangtin Naga NSCN (R), Hozheto Chophy NPGN/NNC, Kiumukam Yimchunger NNC/GDRN, Toshi Walling NNC (Parent Body) accompanied by other WC members, are presently engaged in the negotiations with the GoI, represented by R. N Ravi, the Interlocutor, who is also the interlocutor in the talks with NSCN (IM).


It informed that the WC, a conglomeration of NNPGs came into existence, leaving aside all ideological differences, at the behest of Naga tribal bodies, traditional village headmen (GBs), the Naga churches and all civil societies, in order to achieve a common objective of resolving the Indo-Naga political issue through political dialogue.


After thirty one rounds of talks stretching over nine months, the WC and the GoI, as two entities, have made significant progress with clear understanding of the genesis of Nagas problem, recognising the historical and political perspective of a people’s struggle, while equally taking contemporary political reality into consideration, the press statement read.


Pointing out that the Naga problem goes back to pre-independent India; it said the conflict has outlived all post-Independent successive Indian governments who failed to understand the Naga issue, while asserting that it was, and is never a conflict to resolve a social or economic problem.


“Today, the Government of India, the NNPGs believes, has understood the Naga problem under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which is why, Naga people have high expectation that an honorable and acceptable political solution would be found, enabling Nagas to progress, develop and maintain their historical and political identity with sovereign rights over their culture, tradition, land and resources, entrenched through constitutional mechanism, ensuring a relationship that is enduring peaceful coexistence,” the press statement said.


In this connection, the WC assured all sections of people that the Naga delegation and GoI interlocutor R N Ravi are fully committed towards resolving Indo-Naga ploitical issue at the earliest.