NO MORE CHECK POSTS in other States

NO MORE CHECK POSTS in other States

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03-July-2017 20:15 IST

With The Roll-Out of GST, Check Posts Get Abolished Across 22 States in India


The Goods and Services Tax (GST) was rolled out on 1st July 2017. With the roll-out of GST, 22 states in India have abolished their check posts. The details are as under-


1. Andhra Pradesh


2. Arunachal Pradesh


3. Bihar


4. Gujarat


5. Karnataka


6. Kerala


7. Madhya Pradesh


8. Maharashtra


9. Sikkim


10. Tamil Nadu


11. West Bengal


12. Chhattisgarh


13. Delhi


14. Goa


15. Haryana


16. jharkhand


17. Odisha


18. Puducherry


19. Rajasthan


20. Telangana


21. Uttar Pradesh


22. Uttarakhand


States where check posts are in  the process of being abolished


1. Assam


2. Himachal Pradesh


3. Manipur


4. Meghalaya


5. Nagaland


6. Punjab


7. Mizoram


8. Tripura


Yanpvuo Yanfo Kikon: But for Nagaland? Narcotics, Police, Forest, Excise, Underground factions and all the countless associations extorting money at check posts will continue?


Or what do we the people and businesses want in our State?


Nobody wants to do business in Nagaland or pass through Nagaland (Eg. Manipur businesses).


The infamous Nagaland check gate in Dimapur, unless the Government wipes out the begging & extortion business we are going to repeat HISTORY, History that happened around the 13th Century and culminated in 1453 with the fall of Constantinople.


Rich Europeans used to trade with India and the East via land on camels which passed through Turkey.


But after the fall of Constantinople in 1453 the land trade route was occupied by the Ottamans who levied very high trade taxes on the transit European goods to the east. Hence Europeans went on the quest of finding a sea route to Asia. The rich royals and traders funded the explorer Vasco da Gama who ultimately succeeded in finding a new sea route to India, thus bypassing the land route and the greedy Ottomans who by then were facepalming and had become ‘Sukha Maas’ because these traders by-passed their land & started trading via Sea route.


Our narrow minded corrupted Govt officials, police & undergrounds combined, their greed for extorting from Traders who pass through our land will make History repeat itself wherein


1. The Manipur traders who contribute to 70% of business transactions in Dimapur will no longer pass through Dimapur (They already started preferring via Silchar & their rail route is coming soon).


2. The Look/Act East Policy which will connect Indian sub-continent with South-East Asia thereby unleashing a ECONOMIC BOOM in NorthEast India will by-pass Nagaland if our small minded extortionists & political leaders cannot see the bigger picture and vision today!


Temong Tikhir: Collecting few amounts from the truckers, and other business commuters by the factions or Polices is only for their pockets.


If they continue that extortion, like Sir Yanpvuo has stated, the commuters especially the Manipuris may take other route totally ignoring Naga-land.


As a result the wayside hotels/motels/markets along the National Highway who earns 100/day will decrease to 45/day.


I think this will badly impact the Naga small scale businesses.


Check Posts should not be to collect illegal taxes. Do good dear Nagaland Government.


Peter Rutsa: Check gates being operated by government agencies are not serving their purposes.


GST or not. Checkgates need to be removed. Especially police, narcotic and excise. Nagaland has been too fake for too long!


Government approved checkgates also attract underground and overground NGOs like a magnet.


The highway stretching from Nagaland Assam border to Nagaland Manipur border holds the Current world record for most checkgates/checkpost.


The sum total of government servants from various departments, undergrounds cadre’s, individuals representating communities, organisations and associations engaged in taxation, extortion and other illegal criminal activities along this highway could be well over 200.


That will be 20 parasites for every 10 kilometre.


Rupin Sharma: Bang on! Can anyone say whether, if they were or are still required, what has been their contribution. Or their achievements. Are there any targets fixed for these check posts? Are these ever achieved or reviewed? How much manpower is deployed at these places, which could potentially be deployed more constructively.


On another plane, are these not restricting the free movement of goods and services and people – a violation of Fundamental Rights.

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