‘No Failure’ mission: For 25 years, TSU offers free tuition to school children

‘No Failure’ mission: For 25 years, TSU offers free tuition to school children

TSU Night Tuition School students present special number on December 18. (Morung Photo)

Our Correspondent
Kohima | December 18

The Tsütuonuomia Students’ Union (TSU), T. Khel of Kohima village has been extending free tuition to school children for the 25th years under the banner “TSU Night Tuition School.”

This platform has been benefiting the school children a lot, especially those belonging to poor family background who faces difficulty to get into private tuition centres. It helps students to have constant touch with their academic studies after normal school hour.

This Night Tuition School offers free tuition to school children from Class A – X between 1- 2 hours thrice in a week.

10 teachers engaged in this Centre including TSU officials.

This year is the silver jubilee year of Night Tuition School. The culmination programme of the year-long silver jubilee celebration took place today under the theme “Treading the right path of better education.”

The year-long celebration was marked by basic course orientations on Mathematics, science, Tenyidie & Hindi, awareness session on discipline, cleanliness and good health, award for academics, attendance and discipline, educational tour to Kisama and 2nd World War Cemetery, Jubilee mission “No Failure” target, free distribution of jubilee uniforms and stationeries, general counseling on time management, slow learners, literary competition etc.

TSU Night Tuition School 25 years organizing committee convenor Kevisevolie Solo informed that in commemoration of the silver jubilee, the Union embarked “No Failure” mission this year to achieve 100% pass result of those students enrolled into Night Tuition School.

Unfortunately, one student got fail and resulted 99%.
Solo said “No Failure” mission will continue in the coming years as well.

Welfare Trust Fund
TSU announced to institute a “TSU Night Tuition School Welfare Trust Fund” to facilitate the students hailing from poor family background by bearing school admission and monthly fees.

The Trust Fund also aims to encourage the meritorious students in various disciplines.

Gracing today’s function as special guest, P. Daisy Mezhur Sekhose, secretary Nagaland State Social Welfare Board expressed her willingness to be part of the Trust as member and assist the same in whatever possible way.

She complimented TSU for running the night tuition school efficiently and assisting the students in their normal academic studies including co-curricular activities.

She stressed on the need to enhance the level of community services and also called upon the intellectuals to render voluntary service to the needy.

T. Khel Council chairman Thepfuvilie Suohu was all praise the remarkable contribution and the impact of Night Tuition School towards children education. He informed that the Council use to contribute Rs. 30,000 monthly for management of this Centre.

Speaking on behalf of the parents, Mezhii-o Solo maintained that this Centre gives sight of relief to many parents who are unable to send their children to private tuition centres.

Representative from Kohima Village Students’ Union, T. Khel Gazetted Officers Krotho also complimented the efforts of TSU.

The function was chaired by Kevisenyii Zatsu while TSU president Vikuonyii Solo delivered welcome address. The function witnessed sharing of experiences from Dzieseneituo Belho and Thejalenuo Solo. Neizovolie Solo highlighted the activity of Night school while vote of thanks was proposed by Khriesamhalie Solo.

TSU Night Tuition School Jubilee Pledge

In celebration of TSU Night Tuition School 25 Years, TSU firmly resolved to pledge the following convictions:
• That, we (TSU) re-affirm our strong inheritance of the SPIRIT OF UNITY that has been handed down to us by our Pioneers.
• That, we will strive for EQUALITY in ensuring that each and every student gets the rightful privilege in the mission towards Quality Education.
• That, we will recommit our efforts in helping out our upcoming generation of students with education related vision-based planning.
• That, we will instil in a sense of POSITIVITY, ENCOURAGEMENT, CONFIDENCE and EAGERNESS so as to ensure that our students are secured and settled in their pursuance of better education.
• That, we will give our very best for the upliftment and good welfare of the students in whatever is deemed necessary.
• And lastly, we will re-examine ourselves in raising the banner of TSU higher towards a realistic goal through this celebration of the NTS 25 years.