‘No force on earth can destroy our Nation’

Gen. (Retd) Kholi
Vice-President, NSCN (IM)


Address to the Tatar Hoho Winter Session on December 12, 2017


Hon’ble members, in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I warmly welcome you all to this August House.


At the outset, let us thanks God for His divine providence that has sustained every one of us spiritually, physically and politically up to this day.


I give my revolutionary salute to the martyrs of Naga Nation, whose supreme sacrifices have shaped our future destiny. Let us also remember all those national workers, irrespective of status, who died in the service of the Nation, especially, let us remember with honour and respect, our late Chairman, Isak Chishi Swu, who died defending the Nation till his last breath.


Honorable members, we are not here just for formality, but we are here because the Nation requires us to do the needful so that the future course of our Nation is set in the right perspective.


Just as a successful treatment of any sickness depends on the right diagnosis of the disease, so is a correct assessment of the causative factors of any problem is the key to get it resolved it successfully. Therefore, honourable members, it is our vowed commitment and responsibility to get right assessment of the all factors causing national problems at the moment, and take the right decision to get them resolved at the right time.


Let us be aware of elements that are trying to undo the roadmap laid for finalizing the ongoing Indo-Naga political negotiation with an honourable and mutually acceptable solution.


I wish to remind every honourable member of the House that, no force on earth could manage to destroy our Nation in the past and in the present, neither can any force destroy us in future, because, by the grace of God Naga political and historical rights have been secured with the 3rd August 2015 Framework Agreement, but destruction will come when God is not pleased with us. Therefore, let us seek God’s divine guidance and blessing upon every policy we make so that no mistake is committed.


Lastly, let us fervently pray for an honourable settlement at the earliest.


With this message I declare Winter Session 2017 opened.