No free and fair election with proxy voting aplenty

Morung Express News

Kohima | February 27

Despite the continuous campaign on clean election and assertion to practice free and fair elections, multiple voter IDs and proxy voting were witnessed in several polling booths during the Nagaland general assembly elections 2018.


Prepared with nail polish removers and cotton, people would remove the ink on their fingers after casting each vote to give proxy votes.


Further, some voters were seen changing clothes several times to cast multiple votes.


A youth in Kohima is of the view that proxy voting should be exercised “in cases where the person is unable to turn out on genuine reasons and his/her choice of candidate is strictly adhered while casting vote.” However, the youth also negates the practice of proxy voting.


“One formula which has come out recently mandated by village councils/ competent local body is to divide the reserve votes, equally among the contestants as proxy. Another is to dedicate the whole proxy to candidate whom the village as together patronizes,” states the youth.


“It is all the same. I saw people distributing 1000 notes to voters to vote for their candidates,” says a senior voter in Kohima Town.


“Proxy voting is not healthy but people will literally take time to follow truly,” says a voter in the Southern Angami I Constituency, who also witnessed a few proxy voting in their village.


Meanwhile, in Kohima district, many electorates continued to possess multiple voter ID cards, one in the urban areas and the other in their villages. Voters were reported of rushing towards their villages after casting their votes in the town.