Do not forget the bricks

Do not forget the bricks

Kevitho Nightwing Kera: I was browsing various Naga Facebook pages the other day. Someone wrote something which was on my mind and Social activist Niketu Iralu echoed the same thoughts.


We talk of corruption, I realized we are putting plaster over straws and not on bricks. What am I talking about? We are forgetting some few basic and foundational things. Look in Nagaland corruption begins young.


An instance is the scholarship which Naga students get. Students make fake income certificates to get the scholarship money. Everyone’s father becomes a farmer suddenly! This is very wrong; students are misusing government’s money. This is not Christian at all. Corruption starts young in Nagaland.


Another is the fake birth certificates made so that if their children get into government service, they can work longer than their peers. No wonder 40 looking 30 year olds are found in government offices! Is this right?


Some deacons serving in Churches with zeal are government servants who are posted in the interior areas but are ghost employees and preaching about Jesus in the pulpit! Merely drawing salaries, never going to work but regular in church activities! Naga Christianity is in decay.


Criticizing the politicians but these same people have illegally hooked lines on the electric wires and stealing electricity.


My point is, these foundational things need to be corrected as well. For those who are taking on corruption, yes take on big corrupt activities but do correct these basic stuffs too, spread awareness that these are also very wrong.


Prepare the plaster but make sure it is splattered on bricks and not straws.


Lanu Longkumer: Before we even begin to discuss anything, this is what everyone asks, what’s in it for me? Corruption being the core foundation of Nagaland, people are no longer making any excuses for themselves, instead they play a bigger and better role in advocating robbery and corruption at its best.


I have discussed this in my previous blogs, everyone is accountable for themselves. We are no better than our predecessors, ancestors and our younger generations will follow the same footsteps, unless we individually accept to detest, defeat, discourage and educate how to remove corruption from our system, meaning from our lives. Every second individual thinks about his own benefits before even addressing concerns. Nothing is going to change unless we change ourselves.


The rich and their associates will get richer, the poor middle class will still be left to starve for justice.


That’s the democracy and we have adopted the wrong form of it so well, we cannot lose it. I pity myself and the younger generations. Our future is bleak and bleeding. Only 5% of the population comes to this forum, rest are not interested or already accepted defeat assuming no changes will happen even if they address the issue. Chances are, if we as a state come together, there’s still hope. A chance to make it right, a chance to build a bridge for our future.


Question paper leak and its effect

Kuvezochi Hoshi: After the question paper leak for class IX, school headmasters were asked to collect question papers from centre school at their own expense. Then only one sample of Question paper for each subject was given to HMs. They were asked to Xerox required number of question papers at their own expenses. Many schools are without Xerox machine. So they have to Xerox from bazaar. So much for confidentiality! Giving another chance for leakage? What’s wrong with education department/NBSE? Where is the government? Where is NSF? Where is ANPSA? All playing with the future of innocent students?
Ketshengupe Losou: What a Joke. It is not better than taxing the Institutions. Shouldering all the responsibilities to the institutions and if unfortunate incidents happen (Question Leaks) the concerned School will be victimized. What nonsense idea. NBSE has lost its credibility. How could one expect from the most accredited Dept. to act in such a way. A constructive renovations and logistic transformation have to be made to revamp our educational system which is on the verge of collapsing.
R.I. Dhongrü: In my opinion these days after passing class 8 & 9 there is no guarantee of getting job. So instead of so many trouble and cheat, these two board exams should better be abolished indefinitely except in class 10&12.
Zubyn Tsangs: What a careless and nonsense idea. When even a highly confidential package is breached, what about a confidential and important document going from one hand to another? I am sure anyone would try to get a glimpse of it. It will then be not about leakage but sharing.
Pukhato Zhimo: And I believe that the board hasn’t learned anything from the question paper leakage from the previous years. Yesterday’s Mathematics paper had so many questions that were the repetition of last year’s question. This shows that the board didn’t even bother to prepare a second set of question paper in case of situations like this. How hard can it be to prepare two sets of question papers?


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