Not only Politicians and Bureaucrats are Impostors!

George Keduolhou Angami

University of Holy Cross, Rome


More than 500 (late medieval period) years ago, from social, political, and economical point of view, the Church was extremely powerful. The Church was powerful because it was vested with immense temporal power. The decision of the Church was final and any voice against the church was suppressed. The immense temporal power in the Church obviously led to abuse of power and practice of corruption. Well, the medieval church has learned from its past mistakes and errors and today it is striving to build up a just and peaceful society. Luther stood up to bring reformation in the medieval church which was good but as human, he too had his mistakes and errors. To error is human but to seek remedies to cure erroneous thoughts and acts is a call.


The most powerful church organization in Nagaland could be considered as “the resurgent of the medieval church.” It implicitly or explicitly decides many things for the people in Nagaland as it is vested with immense temporal power (religious, social, political and economical). Besides this body has the majority of the population under its control. It is a huge electromagnetic block that pulls all the tiny metals per se, when and wherever it wants. Even the politicians have no choice but to dance to the tune of this powerful magnetic body. The future of Nagaland hangs heavily on this big magnetic block: to usher and elevate the citizens into a society free of corruption, free of duplicity, and free from deceitfulness. Of course we are aware that some churches are happy with the catchphrase “the more you offer a portion to the church (God) of what you amass (doesn’t matter the modus operandi), the more you will be blessed by God.” In his book, “Will the real Jesus please stand up?” Matthew Richard reminds us who the real Jesus of the Bible is but more importantly he reveals to us false gods being embraced, loved, promoted, and revered – even by well-meaning Christians.


Election in Nagaland is on the verge of reality and well-meaning Christians are unceasingly praying for a good government. We need to keep praying unceasingly for the wisdom to live as good and righteous human beings. The real test of a true, honourable and respectable human life comes when the candidate for the election is from our family, clan, village, colony, tribe or city. For the candidate (we support) we may be even ready to lose all our good moral sense and become egoistic and selfish. We should all get involved in politics because politics is the fabric of societal life and politics in itself is not evil. When we remain indifferent to politics because of some impostors (politicians), we become unproductive citizens. By the way, the most selfish and unproductive citizens are those who never stop criticizing others (politicians, leaders etc.), sitting on their cosy chairs. Albert Einstein once said, “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”


In the United States of America, the citizens support their candidates by donating their family and business resources (both material and finance). In contrast, the Naga citizens become so opportunistic during election. Instead of giving and supporting the candidate with their generous contributions, each one looks for opportunity to squeeze out as much as possible from the candidate. This is a plague that is destroying our society and we need remedial measures. It is so crucial and inevitable that every Naga Christian decides in his/her heart, and mind not to betray but listen to his/her conscience and be dictated by the pure and clean conscience. It is not necessary that at the time of election we put aside all our good Christian virtues and values elsewhere and turn to embrace, love, promote and revere material benefits. Will the real Christian in Nagaland, please stand up?