Not the time for defections: NSCN (R)

DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 5 (MExN): The NSCN (R) today stated that as the six Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) talks with the Government of India enters into a “crucial phase,” it Is time “for all the groups to keep focused more on the Naga political solution prayerfully rather than factionalism or defection.”


A press note from the MIP of the NSCN (R) claimed that the long awaited political solution is also expected sooner than later. “The Nagas must seek wisdom from Almighty God to help us unite in the spirit of ‘forgive and forget’ at this climacteric time so that we do not leave any chances for our adversaries to hatch conspiracy,” it urged. The NSCN (R) therefore urged all the Naga National Workers of the Six NNPGs that “defection to one another’s faction may not be encouraged at this decisive hour and instead invigorate to work cohesively to reach an early and enduring peaceful solution.”