Is it not time for Nagaland University and colleges to introduce a Department on Naga Studies? Why?

Is it not time for Nagaland University and colleges  to introduce a Department on Naga Studies? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:
• Yes it is high time. When Nagaland University has the audacity to introduce a Department on Hindi, which by the way has not had any students since its inception, the University should have introduced a Department on Naga studies. Unless there is a department on Naga studies how do you expect people to know about Naga history and politics. It is high time for Naga studies to be introduced not only in the University but also in colleges. I think it is high time that NSF and ANCSU take up this issue.
• Yes, it is high time!
• Yes, it’s going to be too late. In St Joseph’s College Jakhama Kohima, there is a subject offering for political science honours called’ Naga Politics’ It studies about Naga history and politics.
• Yes by all means. The tragedy is when Nagas can study about India history, American history, European history but not Naga history, what kind of negative impact will it have. It is high time for the university to have a Department on Naga studies.
• Yes. Why not. “If you don’t know where you’ve come from, how will you appreciate where you’re going.”
• Yes…but I am afraid everyone or every tribe will come up with different version of same history and will fight over it.
• Yes having a department specially dedicated to Naga studies will yield positive results. It will contribute in having an intelligent discourse on many of the Naga issues and will provide information and knowledge that can help in solving problems.
• Yes. We need to introduce a dept on Naga studies as it will educate the youngster of this generations about Naga culture and to preserve it. For am afraid, if we don’t take an initiatives we see bleak future for Nagaland with mixed culture, no identity. Can’t imagine how Nagas will be 10 yrs from now.
• Yes. But Naga studies as a department may need some time. But as sections within existing subjects is feasible. It will boil down to curriculum content and how consciously the curriculum designers integrate Naga studies into the regular subjects.
• Yes we need to our children to grow up learning about our own history, culture, language, tradition and so on. Our future lies in learning about our past.
• Yes, a department of Naga studies would be very good. The idea of the department should be confined to doing studies on customs and laws and the anthropological elements of the Naga villages, but the department should focus on broader issues like Naga economy, Naga political issue, Modernity and Nagas and so on. This would be more productive.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:
• No because the time is not right. The kind of people who are now manning our Nagaland University and colleges are not sensitive to our Naga history. These are people who are actually here to see that Naga studies don’t see the day of light. They will only end up distorting it.
• No, not at this time. When situation is more favourable we should. Right now we should the homework.
• No. The Naga studies would be good as long as it is an optional subject and not as a department since Nagas are divided into 16 major tribes and many more sub-tribes totaling up to 37 tribes where customs and tradition varies from village to village (there are 1454 villages just in Nagaland). An independent research on PhD level on all the Naga tribes as a whole would be better for restoration of our roots and history of the Nagas.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
• Hope the studies will not be a re- enactment of the story of Lot’s wife by the scholars. Better convince… first the ” guardians our tradition and history” and HOHOs on the need and its importance.
• We all know that we need a Department on Naga Studies. Unfortunately the Nagaland University does not seem bothered at all, they are busy wasting the resources on non-important things. NSF, ANCSU and the Students Union in Nagaland University campuses and the NUTA should join hands to see that a department on Naga studies is formed. Secondly a group of Naga scholars should be brought together to form the syllabus and curriculum.
• NSF instead of focusing on non-issues should be the one leading for the creation of a department on Naga studies.