NPCC call for secular front against divisive agenda

Dimapur, February 10 (MExN): Terming the assembly elections of 2018 as the “watershed moment in the history of Nagaland,” the Indian National Congress through NPCC today “welcome any secular minded parties and leaders in forming a broad consensus to provide secular and stable government.”


The people need a peaceful and stable secular government, not the brand of disruptive communal politics that is inviting more “trouble in our already troubled land,” the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee stated in a press release.


The front will stop the “onslaught of Hindutva forces in Nagaland,” asserted the release issued by its Media Cell.
“This is not a mere clash of political parties fighting for power but a clash of ideology that will define the course of Nagaland politics in the years ahead,” it said.


In this connection, it claimed that the Congress “stands by the ideology and principles of secularism and liberal democracy,” while the Bharatiya Janata Party, ably supported by alliance partners like the Nationalist Progressive Democratic Party, represent the other side.


“NPCC has always stood by its ideological commitment to the idea of secularism and liberal democracy all through the years and therefore will not allow the BJP and its alliance partner NDPP to compromise the rights of our people and our way of life,” it added.


It further charged that “BJP’s relentless pursuit of holding assembly elections in Nagaland by disregarding the wishes and aspirations of the people will remain a big blot in the long history of the Nagas.”


The Party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have no solution for the Nagas and their “promise of finding settlement within 18 months of coming to power has now stretched into 45 months,” the Congress maintained. “Now Nagas will be fed with another promise of final settlement after 2019 parliamentary elections, it added.


Further stating that the “future of our people who have thrived under democratic way of life since ages” cannot be battered for some instant gratification, the Congress noted that the people still have a “choice to either accept or reject the Hindutva forces before we are left without any choice” with their divisive agenda.


Political parties should remain secular: BJP


New Delhi, February 10 (MExN): Close on the questioning of its secular credential from several quarters, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today asserted that ideology of all the political parties in India should remain secular as India is a secular country. “So no citizens or religious organisations should be un-secular including we Christians as long as we remain as citizens in a secular democratic republic of India,” stated a press release from Johny G Rengma, National Executive Member, BJP. “Un-secular leaders are anti National…un-secular politicians cannot be accepted by the Election Commission of India to be the leader in any political parties…in accordance to the constitution of India,” the release further maintained. Election, the BJP officials stated, “is a fundamental principle of the constitution of secular democratic India and is respected as an important festival of democracy.”