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NPCC for ‘peaceful, corruption free and progressive Nagaland'

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC)

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 21 (MExN): The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) held a meeting of its Political Affairs Committee at Chümoukedima on October 21 and asked all negotiating parties to “hear the voice of the people for peace, corruption free and progressive Nagaland.” 

A press release from the NPCC President, K Therie stated that the meeting appreciated the sincerity shown by Government of India; while recognizing that the “people feel 22 years of negotiations in over 100 meetings have left no stone unturned in the discussions.” 

“The aspirations as well as the givable are known. In negotiations, it is give and take and therefore, people do not expect the solution to be one sided,” it added.

“Nagaland is in a pitiable condition, people are tired and fed up with delay,” the NPCC stated.

It meanwhile claimed that the Nagaland State Government of the day has “completely failed to outline the aspiration of the stakeholders that they represent.” 

“They even don’t know their own future. Post solution is the hope. The problems of post solution will be gigantic for which we require an efficient, transparent, effective and committed administration. The NPCC feel that no political party should exploit but all should help to evolve a strong machinery to implement,” it stated.

It called for the present settlement to “bring back system in the governing,” adding that the welfare of the people should be first and not the welfare of a corrupt few. “Aggrieved families, orphans, widows and genuine Naga National Workers must be resettled honourably so as to sustain their normal life and allow generations to inherit a peaceful and progressive life,” it advised.

The NPCC meanwhile expressed appreciation to all stake holders, especially the tribe Hohos, NGBA, Churches and all other NGOs for “rendering untiring and sincere efforts to explore possible avenues for honourable solution.”

It further appealed to all political groups to “sink their differences and unite in the interest of the Nagas and future generations.” 

The NPCC pointed out that while hammering out the solution, contemporary political realities have to be taken into account, while at the same time, special provisions in the Constitution of India should be preserved and protected “with more clarity to safeguard the legitimate rights of the people and their land and its resources.”

The NPCC assured that it would render “all possible support to fructify decades of negotiations into reality.”

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