NPCC terms NPF’s justification on Khriehu’s appointment ‘hollow’

Kohima, July 2 (MExN): The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has termed the justification of Naga People’s Front (NPF) on the appointment of Khriehu Liezietsu as Advisor to Chief Minister as “hollow”.


On June 30, the NPF had stated that there was a clamour of demands to reward Khriehu) for making the “supreme political sacrifice” at the CEC meeting on June 14 last, and accordingly, the appointment was made.


Arguing against the “liberal use of the word ‘supreme sacrifice’”, the NPCC in a statement through its Media Cell on Sunday asserted that it was “for the first time in any political history, we are hearing about the son making supreme sacrifice so that his father continues to be Chief Minister and the father rewarding his son to be his Advisor after performing rites of so called supreme sacrifice at NPF CEC meeting.”


“There can be no greater case of nepotism than Dr Shurhozelie appointing his unmandated son who had recently resigned as legislator to pave way for him,” the NPCC maintained.


While making it clear that it has no issues in the father-son combination running the affairs of the NPF, the NPCC argued that, “affairs of the government is a separate issue”.


Stating that the ascension of Dr Shurhozelie as Chief Minister “shows the depth of leadership crisis in NPF that had to fall back on an unmandated leader to give them some breathing space,” the NPCC insisted that the NPF party should be “ashamed” that there was no suitable or capable legislator among the 48 party legislators to take over as the Chief Minister.


The Congress party also derided the NPF for allying with BJP and stated, “Their alliance is more of convenience based on petty benefits.”


“The opportunism of BJP is evident despite NPF humiliating them in May 2009 when two BJP legislators were forced to resign and merge with NPF after Congress led UPA retained power at the centre in which the NPF offered their unconditional support,” it added.


Further pointing to the recent row between the NPF and the BJP wherein the latter had called the NPF “200% corrupt” and the NPF in turn had labelled the BJP as “anti Christian party”, the NPCC maintained that it was “amusing to see the spectacle” as both the parties continue “cohabiting” with each other.


Meanwhile, the Congress party took exception to the NPFs “tirade” against its President K Therie stating that it was “a payback of ungratefulness”.


Claiming that Therie was “the main architect of NPF-DAN coming to power in 2003,” the NPCC stated, “It was he who single handedly revived the dying Cock party and propelled it to power in 2003.”


The Congress party further claimed that the political development in Congress of those years concerning his exit from the party “is known to every political observer”.


It alleged that Therie’s dropping from the cabinet was the “handiwork of some ungrateful people and power mongers” in the NPF who felt threatened by his popularity, political principles and unwavering commitment on a host of issues concerning the people of Nagaland.


“Therefore, the NPF would do well to remember that resorting to attacks on a leader who is solely responsible for giving them a political breakthrough will not have any takers other than exposing their petty mindedness and ungrateful heart,” the NPCC stated.