NPF yet to finalize candidature for State Lok Sabha bye-election

NPF yet to finalize candidature for State Lok Sabha bye-election
Achumbemo Kikon addressing press conference in Kohima on May 2. (Morung Photo)


All is not well within PDA govt, says Kikon


Our Correspondent
Kohima | May 2

The Naga People’s Front (NPF) Spokesperson Achumbemo Kikon today said the party is yet to finalize its candidature for the forthcoming bye-election to the Lok Sabha seat in Nagaland scheduled for May 28.


“Consultation is going on within the party,” he said while addressing a press conference here at NPF Central Office.


Stating that the last date of nominations is on May 10, he said the party has still more than a week in its hand to make official decision.


“Hopefully we will decide at the right time,” he said.


Kikon said the present Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio is responsible for resulting bye-election to the Lok Sabha seat in Nagaland.


“When he was in NPF there were many contenders actually but since he had assured the party people that he will go and work for the Naga peace process… the party with full confidence sent him as Lok Sabha MP.”


He said Rio resigned and came back and joined Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party.


“We have actually missed a wonderful opportunity,” he said adding that during that period, there was a stormy Lok Sabha session.


“We would have participated when the political dialogue is going on serious nature. But with our MP resigning from Lok Sabha seat, what impression we have created to the GoI?” Kikon posed.


“This is not the way a responsible leader should behave.”


How can a responsible leader not think of all these consequences/counter consequences? he wondered, adding that Naga people have to ponder over it and take a wise decision in this respect.


“If there has to be contest, we have to incur a lot of expenditure, time and resources,” he added.


‘PDA govt will collapse soon’

Kikon also asserted that the ruling People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) Government is almost like a rotten bridge and any moment it would collapse.


He said the way they are accommodating political parties, the way they are trying to appoint every now and then itself indicates that “all is not well” within the government.


They are talking of austerity measure, they are saying that they will not attend function as chief guest, they are saying that they are against VIP culture but on the other hand, in action, what they are promising to the people and what they are doing is contradictory, he said.


A government cannot run like this, he said adding that they cannot keep fooling the people like this.


He maintained that the NPF as opposition has to be watchful and will continue to raise all the issues that concern the citizens of Nagaland.


On many promises made to the people of Nagaland by PDA on the day of the formation of the ministry, Kikon said, “We do not see any change. We do not see anything happening on the ground.”


“We will not keep quiet. We will be a very effective opposition,” he declared.


Mini Hornbill Festivals

On the decision of PDA Government to hold Mini Hornbill festivals coinciding with the tribal festivals in all the districts, he said of late there has been a lot of debate going on whether the annual Hornbill Festival should be shortened or extended.


When such debate is not even settled, the PDA is again trying to do Mini Hornbill type festivals, Kikon maintained.


As far as the tribal festivals is concerned, he said, there is unique and sacredness in observing festivals by the respective tribes. “Tribal festivals are unique and significant and Hornbill festival is another festival which is created just in the recent past,” the NPF Spokesperson said, adding that tribal festivals are of ancient origin practiced since time immemorial.


He asserted that no tribe in good sense will agree to Mini Hornbill festival.


Kikon expressed that proper consultation or suggestion should be actually solicited from the concerned tribes as well as individuals before taking such decision. “If they (PDA) are going ahead with such decision it will dilute the Naga culture and identity,” he said.


In this connection, the NPF Spokesperson averred that it would continue to uphold, preserve, and protect Naga culture and identity.