NPF’s statement has taken the political arena to a new low: NDPP

NPF’s statement has taken the political arena to a new low: NDPP

Dimapur, September 1 (MExN): The Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) in a statement has expressed that the response of the Naga People’s Front (NPF) to the clear and factual statement given by the party “is nothing short of shocking and has taken the political arena to a new low.”


A release issued by NDPP Media & Communication Committee stated that the party earlier issued “a detailed point-by-point statement in response to the NPF spokesperson’s allegations that did not contain any authenticated allegations.” “Even then the NDPP responded with details and facts so that the people are not misled.”


The party in its response to the statement issued by the NPF earlier stated that “Senior leaders and members of PDA partner parties have been appointed to various government positions following all norms to carry out good governance and connect with the grassroots. All the persons appointed are acknowledged leaders, having respectable credentials with experience and expertise in various fields apart from political seniority,”


It also added that these persons include former elected members, ex-ministers, accomplished members from the bureaucracy and the fourth estate.


The party, through the release further stated that the PDA government is committed to the people and that the various appointees are not going to cost the State’s exchequer with any additional burden. “The State Government is continuously making efforts to reduce government expenditure, curb excess spending of public funds and enforce austerity measures,” the release asserted.


The release further slated the NPF for its latest statement where it used words like “nonsensical” and “chamchas” adding that a responsible party or person should not use such words. “In today’s environment, such terms are derogatory, discriminatory and uncivilized,” it maintained.


“If the NPF is at all serious about its image, it needs to apologise to the people of Nagaland for setting the wrong example and taking our polity to the lowest levels possible,” it asserted.


The release also maintained its stance stating that the party will never stoop so low nor will undermine the wisdom of people.