NPRAAF respond to clarification by RMSA

NPRAAF is well aware of the fact that all funds received under RMSA are not solely for salary but includes other components too. That is why NPRAAF has in our earlier statement pointed out the Drawal Authorities specifically issued for salary and against State share as well.


However, the rest of the DAs do not indicate as for what kind of purposes/activities/works the payments were released. Without undermining the importance various other activities under RMSA, it must be noted that top priority should be accorded towards payment of salaries to teachers without whom the very objective of RMSA would be defeated.


NPRAAF appreciates the SMO, RMSA for disclosing that the GoI had sanctioned Rs 1180.62 lakh as 2nd part of the 1st instalment and trying its best to get its release for payment of salaries.


If the GoI has sanctioned the amount, why is the Finance Department (FD) still withholding the release? The FD is urged to release the sanctioned amount without delay for payment of salaries to the aggrieved RMSA teachers.


Further, as per the clarification issued by SMO, RMSA Mission Director, the total amount of funds received under RMSA during 2016-17 and 2017-18, the total amount inclusive of GoI sanction and State share comes to Rs 90.33 crore. However, as per 9 drawal authorities (inclusive of GoI sanction and state share) issued by the State FD during the two financial years as stated earlier by NPRAAF, a total amount of Rs 99.83 crore has been released so far. This leads to excess release of Rs 9.5 crore (Rs 99.83cr-Rs 90.33cr). NPRAAF urges the FD to satisfactorily clarify on this excess release.

Information & Publicity Cell
Nagaland Public Rights Awareness and Action Forum