NSCN-K (Khango) reiterates allegation

Dimapur, September 19 (MExN): The NSCN-K (Khango) has reiterated the allegation that the proprietor of Star Cargo Transport Agency, Nitovi Aye in ‘his own capacity has been collecting revenue from transport agencies affiliated to Star Cargo Transport Agency on behalf of the NSCN-K (Khango) and other Naga Political Groups for the past nine months.’

In response to the Nitovi Aye’s rejoinder published on September 19, the NSCN-K (Khango) in a press statement said the amount generated is disproportionately embezzled by him. Therefore, it is “contemplating the issue with seriousness as the gravity of the offence is unpardonable.”

“Moreover, his attempt to discredit the statement and the directive of the NSCN by conceiving schemes and fabricating the episode of kidnapping stories to come out clean and play the victim is highly condemned,” it stated.

Alleging that “Nitovi Aye is taking undue advantage of his position,” the NSCN-K (Khango) also reiterated that as stated earlier, “the NSCN (K) will not settle even for a penny less that Nitovi Aye owes the government and directs him to submit the amount at the earliest to avoid any unwanted outcome.”

It is further directed all the transport agencies and trucks affiliated/registered to Star Cargo Transport Agencies to abstain from associating with him or the Star Cargo Transport Agency until the matter is settled. “Non compliance of this directive, the outcome consequence will be the sole responsibility of the defaulters,” it cautioned. 

“The NSCN (K) will bear all responsibilities and the liabilities of the actions and the undesirable consequences that might occur with the person in question and the defaulters, as a result of defiance of the government directive,” it further added.