NSCN (R) condemns raid by AR

Dimapur, May 10 (MExN): The NSCN (Reformation) today condemned the alleged “arbitrary raid perpetrated by the 32 Assam Rifles, at the residence of Tokato Achumi, Auditor General (AG).”


According to a press release issued by the MIP, NSCN (R), the raid was conducted at the wee hour of 2:30 am and “went on for hours, which caused huge harassment and immense mental affliction to all the family members.”


“The marauding ARs as usual disrespect all human ethics, jumped the boundary wall and with forceful intrusion began to ransack properties, and after finding no weapons, the AR out of frustration, opened the personal chest of the steel almirah, and even resorted to counting cashes, which makes us wonder as to whether they were looking for weapons or money,” alleged the MIP.


The press release stated that “the personal room of Tokato’s father was also trampled and treaded upon with no respect of an otherwise respected senior citizen.” It further claimed that, “the Major went on threatening Tokato, and warned him to resign from national service, or be arrested the next time.”


Responding to this caution, the MIP stated that “to be a national worker or a revolutionary lies in one’s own patriotic feelings and obligation and does not need the consent of the AR as to whether or not one should work for one’s own nations and definitely not the prerogative of the AR.”


“Time and again the Indian Security Forces and the AR brands the NSCN as ‘Terrorist’, but the fact is a terrorist is someone who intrudes into others property or country(s) and causes harm,” the MIP asserted.


“The NSCN once again in all fairness and seriousness, advises the GOI to rein-in their wayward and indiscipline boys, taking into considerations, the agreed Cease Fire ground rules, lest these kind of unwarranted actions by few vested junior Indian Army personnel derails the hard earned peace between the GOI and the NSCN,” the MIP added.


It also stated that, “The AR should also keep in mind that, though there might be some few skirmishes, differences and infighting amongst Naga factions, at the end of the day, we are all Nagas, and will always be Nagas, rather the real enemies are the occupational Indian Armed forces.”