NSCN (R) expels chief of army staff

Dimapur, December 18 (MExN): In a major development within the authority of NSCN (Reformation), the office of the President announced the expulsion of Maj Gen Jackson Pochury, chief of the army staff, Naga Army on December 18 for his alleged “anti social and anti national activities.”

MIP, NSCN (R) in a press statement claimed that the primary problem cropped up when Jackson directly threatened the collective leadership of dire consequences which was serious issue as far as Naga Yehzabo (Constitution) is concerned. “The second issue was violation of NSCN Discipline B- which says, every member shall be guided by moral sense of responsibility and uplifting the moral standard of the country,” the MIP alleged.

However, according to the MIP, the most serious violation of set-up law of the revolutionary government was his ulterior motive to form parallel organization. It added “with that, devilish plan, he forced Tuitimiu Makury, chairman Makury Region to hand over all arms from eastern sector and convinced him to form parallel organization. But, Tuitimiu chairman Makury Region refused to hand over any arms saying that, the arms belong to the government and not Army Chief.”

This incident took place on December 13, 2018.

The authority of NSCN (R) has tendered unqualified apology to the Naga nation in general and to workers in particular for having conferred a highest position to such “un-reliable person to lead the Naga Army.” It also apologized to Pochury community for going such extreme action on Maj Gen Jackson Pochury and requested the tribe leaders not to misconstrue this action as discrimination or targeting the Pochury tribe, it stated.

Meanwhile, the NSCN (R) appealed other Naga revolutionary government/organizations “not to entertain such un-reliable person because accepting him will only disgrace the nation.”

“The Naga people are moving towards ultimate unity and reconciliation for comprehensive solution from GoI, and entertaining such person will only invite misunderstanding and confusion,” it stated.

Meanwhile the MIP demanded Maj. Gen. Jackson to handover all government properties including fire arms, vehicle and other documents through some NGOs within a week. According to MIP, Jackson is possessing two identified arms, 32 pistol and M16- folding attached by the government for his security.