NSDZ is a threat to Nagaland

Kuolachalie Seyie
ACAUT rally at Kohima on November 12, 2017

In my opinion, if the Resolution of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly made on 24. 03. 2014 to set up Nagaland Special Development Zone (NSDZ) is to be implemented; it would be a threat to Nagaland. The question of NSDZ implementation had some relaxation for sometime after seeing that there were stiff opposition from the Hohos, civil societies and various quarters. However, as the general election is nearby, some politicians are bringing the issue to the front line again probably to gain the political mileage for their party with the support of vested interests.


The NSDZ, if implemented would definitely promote huge blunt population integration in the shortest cut without land integration as bait for a large permanent vote bank for the corrupt and crafty politicians. However, it will surely poison and deprave the spirit of our heart-strong desire for integration of all contagious areas of the Nagas into a single political umbrella.


So far there are no much details on NSDZ except the Assembly Resolution which is interpreted in different versions by various political party leaders. However, NSDZ in short is to allow permanent business establishment rights, residential rights and absolute title over immovable properties to anyone including the outsiders by means of transfer through transactions for the purposes of trade operations, to promote and facilitate investors, faster industrialisation and urbanisation of the foothill areas of the state including Medziphema territory.


The NSDZ is the absolute opposite of what is going on in the state of Meghalaya. For example, the Work Audit Act of Meghalaya was passed by Meghalaya Legislative Assembly. As such, today, their public infrastructure is almost perfect, neat and clean. Corruption is almost rooted out as all the development activities are subject to cross-checking by the Work Audit Authority of the Public. Their industrial culture is growing rapidly fast, corporal and business ethics is impressive as one can see.


No non-indigenous inhabitants of Meghalaya are allowed to work therein as manual physical labourers. They also can never buy land and whatever land that they bought long ago, can only be maintained as it was. No new development, not even a toilet or a single room can be added to their existing landed property. This is done because Meghalaya as a state plans to survive for thousands of years to come. As living space is the biggest problem of the day all over the world. Had we love our children we would be doing the same. Doing the right things for our survival is a divine call and duty


Whereas, to implement this NSDZ, some corrupt politicians with all their might and zealots are hell-bent to modify the 1977 Government of Nagaland’s Notification prescribing criteria for the indigenous inhabitant of Nagaland as well as the Land and Revenue Regulation Act of 1978 and to lift the Inner Line Permit in the NSDZ. These aforesaid three are the utmost important pillars and foundations of our Nagaland state. The NLA’s resolution of this flagrant NSDZ if not revoked would be a fatal threat and curse to the gen next. The core issue is why this dangerous resolution capable of looting our future, our land, our mineral resources could be passed without opposition.


The paradox is that we all say we love our people, our land and Nagaland shall be protected, but in reality, those just remain mere talk. All that we do is adore our own selves and strive for ways to gain selfishly and shamelessly. We vote only for cash bartering our birthright, integrity and soul as Esau, who was Edom. Or we vote for instant self- gratification with favours from the candidates. We never vote for our own good, our future or with principle. As a result, with the purchased people’s mandate, the corrupt politicians without the slightest political principles loot, plunder and exploit our future beyond all limits in broad day light. Continue to embezzle our state public fund in terms of thousands of crores by awarding fictitious price escalations up to 900% or more on projects. Take huge cuts on almost all projects as their commissions thereby giving licenses of corruption to their subordinates, bureaucrats and others. To cite a few, and this isn’t news any more. This is why we, ACAUT urgently need Lokayukta Nagaland to protect our survival.


Esau of the Bible became the enemy of God and Israel because he rejected God’s blessing by his corrupt behaviour of bartering his birthright as the older son of Issac. “Esau, who is Edom” says Gen 25:30. Why is Edom considered as the enemy of God and Israel? The kingdom of Edom which stood on the south of Dead Sea was noted for its exceptionally long-standing bitter hostility with Israel. As such when Esau sold out the blessings of God for a single meal, he was instantly called and known as Edom.


Beware of the curses given to Esau under Gen. 27:38 & 40 “Your dwelling will be away from the earth’s richness, away from the dew of Heaven above, you will live by the sword” Is our present lifestyle aforesaid too keeping us away from the earth’s richness and the dew of Heaven? Are we not living amongst the swords today? These are the reasons that ACAUT was born out of necessity, aiming to redeem our society.


God has made His message loud and clear to each of us that Esau was rejected by Him for two reasons – firstly, he despised God’s blessings over his fleshly desires and secondly he failed to repent for his sin. The reward of the blessing or the curse is in our hands.


“if my people… humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chr. 7:14. Lets pray, repent and “see that no one is sexually immoral or is Godless like Esau” (Heb. 12:16) so that our future will be a blessed one as per God’s plan, which is definitely not poverty, sickness, ignorance, fratricide, hatred, dishonesty, or impurities, for our God knew us even before we were born.


Long Live ACAUT.