NSF honours HSLC Naga toppers 2017

NSF honours HSLC Naga toppers 2017

Morung Express News
Kohima | July 8


The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) organised its felicitation programme for HSLC Naga toppers 2017 on July 8 with Er. Kevisekho Kruse, Chief Engineer, PHED, Government of Nagaland as the guest speaker. A total of 29 Naga toppers were felicitated in the event.


Providing a brief history on the annual felicitation of toppers, newly elected NSF President Kesosul Christopher Ltu in his presidential note mentioned that it was initiated in the year 2000 to motivate the young achievers to become responsible leaders in future.


Ltu stated that it is important for the achievers to know and understand their history especially its cultural and political history to become leaders. The Naga aspiration has been advocated under so many banners and nomenclatures yet the message remain the same, therefore Ltu urged the students to carry forward the same aspiration in future too.


Clarifying over a recent post in social media where criticisms arose over the felicitation event being held on the same day as Tuluni, Ltu expressed regret that the programme coincided with the Tuluni Festival which was “fixed unintentional.”


Ravelü Nienu (Top 7) from Greenwood School, Dimapur who spoke on behalf of the Toppers extended her gratitude to the NSF, parents and teachers. Nienu particularly thanked the teachers who enabling the students in making learning a passion and help instill in the students the flame to seek knowledge.


A special number was presented by Neingusalie Yano, Music Topper, NBSE 2017, Northfield Khikha.


‘Education goes beyond academics’

While exhorting the gathering, Er Kevisekho Kruse said that most people today pursue education for wealth creation, job opportunities and professional interests and advised the students that education must generate trustworthy leaders, citizens of benevolent and noble character and balanced personalities.


Although excelling in academic pursuits is a success, Kruse pointed out that education goes beyond academics; therefore the students must also question themselves on what they really want from education. “Producing someone to become capable of getting a job, to become a professional or law abiding citizen is not enough. These are not enough in themselves. There are more important things in life such as character, moral purity, values, personality, and trustworthiness,” said Kruse.


“We need to have courage for the truth, stand up for the right cause. Nobility, benevolence, good character- these are the things of greater importance than the facts and knowledge you gain. Your academics will not take you far,” said Kruse who encouraged the students to also focus on the invisible element of their lives especially the spirit and the character.


Lamenting over the deterioration of morality in the present society, Kruse expressed the need for character building in education today and further stated, “The good news is that it is possible, the good news is you and I can do it.”


Er. Kruse viewed that Naga society is still a growing society, and therefore it needs people in myriad professions to progress. The achievers in the HSLC are the right group to achieve the lofty ideals and dreams of the society. With government jobs reaching a point of saturation, Kruse highlighted the opportunities and possibilities of private avenues which can employ more Nagas than government jobs.