NSRLM workshop on annual action plan for FY 2019-20 ends

NSRLM workshop on annual action plan for FY 2019-20 ends

COO, NSRLM, M. Rollan Lotha with the National Resource Persons and participants during the three-day Annual Action Plan- Livelihoods for FY 2019-20.

Kohima, May 9 (MExN): Nagaland State Rural Livelihoods (NSRLM) concluded its three-day Annual Action Plan- Livelihoods for Financial Year 2019-20. The objective of the workshop was to enhance the capacity of the livelihoods professional team and the Block Program Managers (BPMs) towards deepening multiple livelihoods intervention in NSRLM 43 Blocks and realistic target setting. The workshop was facilitated jointly by the State Mission, National Mission Management Unit, MoRD, and National Resource Persons, NIRD, stated a press release issued by the NSRLM.

In his keynote address, Chief Operating Officer (COO), M Rollan Lotha while appreciating the teams’ efforts highlighted the overall state achievements, gaps in implementations and planned targets for FY 2019-20. Achievements wherein 4000 Mahila Kissans (MK) were covered, 6000 MKs practices sustainable agri, 2000 household into sustainable livestock and poultry practices, 3000 Nutri Kitchen garden, trained 272 Community Service Providers (CSPs) from amongst the SHG members engaged in supporting livelihoods intervention at the village level, 100 Custom Hiring Centres and 18 Organic Cluster in the process.

Underscoring the massive scaling of livelihoods deepening in the 43 blocks this FY, he emphasized on the underutilized rich natural resources in the state and latent multiple livelihoods opportunities it promises for the rural populace.

Unless there are enough viable livelihood options with end-to-end support for the community, funds will remain underutilized. This is where the livelihoods professional team and CSPs are required to jointly put in their concerted efforts to ensure there is significant livelihoods integration across all sectors, he said.

Lotha called upon their committed spirit to take ownership, be proactive, to go beyond their standard job description and contribute innovations in the field. Nonchalant attitude and wrong guidance towards their assigned responsibilities would be playing with the destiny of the rural populace, which in itself is akin to a crime.

Furthermore, for accessing various services like technical assistance, organic certification, branding and packaging, he reiterated the State Mission is committed to ensuring enhanced livelihoods through multiple interventions in convergenceor collaboration with Agri & Allied Departments, NABARD, Regional Councils, ICAR, MOVCD-NER, Zatara, and State/National Public Procurement Portal.

The District-Block team also presented the program progress, challenges and future plans. Expected outcome will be covering 7000 Mahila Kisans, 400 Women Farmers Field School, 242 Custom Hiring Centres, 18 Organic Clusters from 74 villages and 100 Producer Groups will be brought under 9 Producer Enterprise, the release added.

Resource persons were Dr S Kithan and Chenogi, NSRLM; Shabana Anjum, NMMU, MoRD; and NRPs, Mhadabananda Ray, Lutfur, and Prataya Jaganath.