NSSATA 2010 & 2013 agitation should not be taken lightly

S. T. YapangLkr & Odi Jamir

Nagaland Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Teachers’ Association (NSSATA) 2010&2013 demand for their rights is justifiable. Under Education Department (DoSE) Nagaland,there are many categories of teachers including backdoor appointed teachers. Those backdoor appointed teacherswho were regularized by the government are enjoying all the benefits and alsodrawing salary in 7th ROP since January 2018 without any agitation by those teachers. However, the question is why the government is silent, reluctant and provides step motherly treatment to those teachers who were appointed through open recruitment examination under Directorate of School Education? Isit not the responsibilities of the Government to provide NSSATA members their due rights at barwith the other regular teachers in the State? The teachers in turn need to nurture their students to compete with the private schools students.


Government cannot ignore and take lightly the NSSATA peaceful sit in protest at the DoSE and at Nagaland Secretariat. Many intellectual and educatedperson are examining and aware of this issue between the Govt. and the NSSATA. Affected Government School students all over Nagaland need to voice out in support of NSSATA and also stand for the right of the teachers who are deprived of the rights. Wealso appeal the teachers to dedicate and provide quality education to all the students. As we all know, ‘If the spring is clean, the water that flows from spring will always be clean.’