NSSATA teachers receive support

DIMAPUR, JUNE 12 (MExN): Even as the SSA teacher’s of the state called off their agitation today, several organizations issued statements lending their support to the teachers and demanding that the government take immediate action to address their grievances.


The organizations also lamented that the agitation had hampered the education sector and jeopardized the schooling of many students.


The Konyak Nyupuh Sheko Khong (KNSK) urged the Department of Education and the Government of Nagaland to urgently attend to and address the present crisis with regard to the SSA teachers of the state.


“It is a matter of great distress that the students of our district as well as the entire state have suffered due to the two elections conducted within 6 months of this academic year, and now any further disruption of classes due to protest or agitation will greatly hamper the future of the students,” a press note from the KNSK President, Lomei Konyak and General Secretary, Yeihlem Konyak said.


It therefore urged the department concerned and the government to look into the issue and come up with a permanent solution as soon as possible.


The Yimchungrü Akherü Arihako (YAA) said it is disheartened to see the impasse between the NSSATA and the Nagaland state government.


A press note from the YAA said the ongoing imbroglio has jeopardized both the students and the affected teachers alike. It expressed solidarity towards NSSATA, stating that almost all the teachers/schools under the jurisdiction of YAA are appointed under CSS flagship.


“Hence, it is the obligation of the state government to ensure that the well-being of teachers appointed under CSS should be equally taken care of. YAA is of the view that, teachers who supposedly are to be in schools, building the nation have now taken to the streets demanding their legitimate rights. The dreams of the bright innocent students have now been shattered and thousands of families affected,” it rued.


The YAA therefore urged the state government to redress the demands of NSSATA at the earliest and enable them to resume their normal functioning of classes.


Why appoint if you can’t afford: CCSU asks

The Confederation of Chang Students’ Union (CCSU) has also appealed to the concerned authority to look into the matter seriously and react to it positively without further delay.


“Many schools are effected under Tuensang District due to the ongoing agitation; since most of the schools are run by SSA appointed teachers resulting which some schools are at the verge of closing down which is hampering the career of the students community especially in the rural areas,” a press note from the CCSU President, Chingmak Kumchuba and General Secretary, C Pongsu stated.


The CCSU also questioned the state government as to why SSA teachers were appointed if they can’t afford their salaries and establish schools if they can’t provide teachers.


It further asked whether the government is “building the future or is discouraging the keen and dedicated teachers appointed under the same.”


It meanwhile asserted that the CCSU will not compromise in the education sector at any cost. “If the same thing continues, the CCSU will perform its own course of action in any form for which the government shall be held sole responsible for the cause,” it cautioned.


ANCSU says may be compelled to intervene

The All Nagaland College Students’ Union (ANCSU) meanwhile stated that due to the agitation by the aggrieved teachers, the student’s on the other hand are being victimized in every aspect.


“Whereas, the ANCSU seeks for quality education in Nagaland but due to the prevailing situation between the NSSATA and the state Government, the shared motive to promote quality education is hampered,” a press note from ANCSU Speaker, Pithungo Shitio and Assistant General Scretary, Imnameren N Jamir said.


It therefore asked the government to take the demands of the aggrieved teachers in priority and uphold its assurance to be fulfilled, in order to avoid such situation “which is causing a lot of damages to the student’s career.”


“Government failure may compel ANCSU to intervene with its thousands of volunteers in support of the aggrieved teachers,” it cautioned.