NSUI seminar on ‘Be the Change’

Morung Express News
Kohima | October 2


National Students’ Union of India (NSUI), the student wing of the Indian National Congress held a seminar themed ‘Be the Change’, on politics and celebration of Gandhi Jayanti on October 2 at the Congress Bhavan, Kohima.


Updating on the objective of the NSUI, “To learn, To empower, To lead, To be the voice and to revolutionize,” the NSUI, Nagaland noted that Nagaland is going through a dark phase of its existence, therefore the seminar is being organised to sensitize the young and spread awareness on the political situation and its drastic impact on the people in Nagaland.


The resource persons for the seminar were Prof. R. C Gupta, Pro Vice Chancellor, Nagaland University who spoke on ‘Role of youngster in Democracy’, Capt. GK Zhimomi, General Secretary NPCC & Member, Social Media AICC who spoke on ‘Embrace and Understand Social Media’, Oken Jeet Sandham, Senior Journalist & Editor North East Press Service (NEPS) who spoke on ‘Moral Obligation, K Therie, President NPCC who spoke on ‘Be The Change’ and Ayangba Aonok, Working President NPCC who spoke on ‘Remembering Gandhi.’


Providing the universal definitions of the term ‘youth’ and ‘Democracy’, Prof. RC Gupta noted that the number of new editions of the definition of both terms keeps coming in recent years and therefore expressed the need for defining these terms with relevance to one’s society. In order to empower the youth for a vibrant democracy the most crucial and direct impact can be made through Education. “Democracy starts with the process of education.” said Prof. Gupta while affirming that to set up a nation one does not need nuclear weapons instead, ‘we just need to educate the youth. The injustice is made just through education.’


Prof. Gupta also outlined on the two major factors that have led to the decline of the participation of youth in democracy especially in the electoral process, which he mentioned as the increase of unemployment in the country and the imbalance in the public-private partnership in recent years. Further in conflict regions, the youth are both the fighters and the victims; therefore Prof. Gupta viewed that such factor especially unemployment have to be addressed.


Prof. Gupta was also critical of the non-inclusion of the young especially the women in any democratic set up whether it is in the family, society or state. Lamenting over the manipulation of history by the present ruling government in India, Capt G.K Zhimomi reminded how facts have constantly been distorted in the social media. Paraphrasing Joseph Goebbels, Zhimomi said, “If a lie is repeated a hundred times it begins to look like truth.”


Social media is the alternative and most powerful medium in our present context, said Capt Zhimomi, and at the same time it can prove to be disadvantageous. With the liberty that is entitled to the user, it gives an opportunity to the public to give their opinion with vengeance and at the same time it is often used to shame, abuse and demean people. “You have to be very cautious and judicious in what you tweet, what you post and what you endorse.” asserted Zhimomi reminding the young participants that the social media at the end of the day is just a virtual world.


Criticizing the BJP for distorting facts even with the death of Mahatma Gandhi, Zhimomi warned that if the nation does not rise up now, the BJP will not stop from amending the Constitution of India in their favor. “The minorities such as the Dalits, the Muslims, and the Christians are at the receiving end. And it is happening to our State too. We are directly being affected by the decisions made in Delhi, ” affirmed Zhimomi urging the students to be clear about the ideologies of the parties, because’ that is where the main values will be formed.


While sharing on the moral obligation on young voters, Oken Jeet Sandham expressed disappointment that many Naga students are not aware of the Naga history and how the Statehood came into being, therefore he affirmed the need for students to be politically educated.