NTC observes 4th anniversary

Morung Express News
Kohima | October 12


The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) observed its 4th anniversary and general council session on October 12. In his presidential address, NTC, President, Lendinoktang Ao reminded that NTC was formed to serve the Naga society and to safeguard the rights of the original inhabitants of Nagaland.


While urging for the greater unity of all Nagas, the Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organisation (ENPO) in its greetings, provided a few remarks on what is wrong with Naga society today. “The attitude of domination, the attitude of supremacy is killing the Nagas today,” asserted the representative of ENPO pointing out that when groups in Naga society take up issues, it is often with selfish and ulterior motives which has led to the weakening of any movement.


“We may be working under different banners, organisations or groups but time has come for Nagas to realize the feeling of ‘Naga-ism’ in each and every one of us. That way we can move to a new horizon. Let us replace the word ‘I’ by ‘We’,” stated the ENPO.


Greetings and short speeches were delivered by ENPO, apex tribal organisations, Nagaland Senior Citizens Forum and ACAUT, Dr. Hokishe Yepthomi and Zhovehu Lohe. Throwing light on the inception of NTC, and its works so far, Z Lohe reminded that although the foundation of the NTC was fiercely debated, it has remained firm and ‘vibrant under unpredictable weather’.


Lohe cited the various achievements of the NTC such as revoking the recognition of Rongmeis as indigenous tribes in Nagaland, putting the Nagaland Special Development Zone at halt, and managing to bring the six NNPGs to a common platform called Working Committee.


Lohe further mentioned that NTC neither keeps room to accommodate isms nor are there chairs for those who have personal agendas to sit. The Council is designed to be a home of altruism. “NTC does not belong to those few who have been managing its affairs so far. It belongs to Nagas in Nagaland. It is yours and ours. Come be a part of it,” remarked Lohe