NTC petitions CM on land laws

DIMAPUR, MAY 3 (MExN): The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) has submitted a representation to the Nagaland State Chief Minister drawing attention to several areas of concern on land laws, environmental protection and the security situation in the state.


The issues included the Nagaland Special Development Zone (NSDZ), the Nagaland Land and Revenue (Amendment) Act, Intanki National Park, BEFR Act, the Disturbed Areas Act and objection to the Uniform Civil Code.


On the NSDZ, the NTC stated that to “carve out the plain sector of Nagaland State for outsiders for permanent settlement” is “anti-state and suicidal for the present and posterity…” If implemented, the NTC claimed that “non-indigenous people from outside Nagaland will virtually overwhelm the earmarked area which consequently will be the base for intrusion of unauthorized citizens to take control of Nagaland.” It therefore demanded that the proposal be revoked.


The NTC meanwhile took note of the new concept mooted by the present government to conduct cadastral survey in the entire territory of the state to enable financial institution to mortgage immovable assets to obtain loan for entrepreneurial purposes.


While welcoming new initiative, the NTC maintained that the state already had necessary laws to serve the contention as stated. The Nagaland Land and Revenue Regulation (Amendment) Act, 2002 has covered the concerns raised by the present government, it said.


It therefore appealed to the government to implement the said law in letter and in spirit, with necessary instruction issued to Deputy Commissioners, Revenue Officers and Village authorities.


Another issue was the state of the Intanki National Park, regarding which the NTC expressed concern over encroachment. “Also there has been devastation of forest by private individuals in connivance with all type of elements,” it said, and urged the state government not to remain a helpless spectator to these destructive activities but rise to protect the National Park without delay.


The NTC further asked the government of the day to take necessary steps to enforce Inner Line Regulation system all over the state. It reminded that the NTC had demanded that Dimapur be brought under the purview of ILP.


While questioning the reason for continued imposition of the AFSPA in the state, the NTC lamented that “olive branches were offered to peace loving Naga political groups on one hand whereas war has been waged against all those who are in ceasefire.”


If the GoI is sincere with its ceasefire and dialogue, the Disturb Area Act, an action of suppression, cannot be imposed on Nagaland any longer, the NTC asserted, and urged the state government to impress the centre for revoking the “terrorism tag of Disturb Area Act in the entire state of Nagaland.”


Finally, the NTC opposed imposition of the Uniform Civil Code in Nagaland, and stressed on the importance of Article 371 A of the Constitution of India


“The enacted law once enforced upon us, our liberty of religious, social, customs and practices guaranteed by the Constitution of India would also vanish sooner than later,” the NTC warned. It therefore asked the Nagaland government to take up the matter with the Union Law Commission and to the appropriate authority to exclude Nagaland from the purview of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC).