Old Monger Village celebrates Mungmung Festival

Old Monger Village celebrates Mungmung Festival
A group presenting a cultural item during the celebration of Mungmung Festival held on September 3. (Morung Photo)


Morung Express News
Kiphire | September 3


The Old Monger Village Union, Kiphire today celebrated Mungmung Festival at the Union treasurer’s residence on September 3. The function was organised by Atapru Union Kiphire. Yangseli, Rtd teacher explained the significance of Mungmung and encouraged the community to hold on the past tradition of Mungmung with utmost respect and love. He also asked the gathering to celebrate the festival in true cultural spirit without the influence of intoxicating items.


Khehoni Chümpongse, president, Old Monger Atparü Amülung, Kiphire Town greeted and welcome the gathering. Lichumse, JA while exhorting the gathering said, “Celebrating the festival not only brings people together but also create a space to grow stronger and better relationship.” Akhaba, Rtd. teacher also exhorted the community to be more cooperative and self giving for the betterment of Union. Associate Pastor Setsiba invoked God’s blessings for whole community. Meanwhile, traditional dance was performed both by women and men folk.