On exorbitant charge of exam fee by Government Departments

Mughaka Chophy
High School Area, Kohima

Now the job hunters are in situation where they could not even apply for jobs in Government sector. Lately, the Department of School Education advertised for the vacant post of LDA cum Computer Assistant(Directorate/Districts) and surprisingly the Department charges a whopping amount of Rs.400/- as exam fee, much higher than NPSC exam fee. Also earlier the Department of Social Welfare charges Rs.300/- per applicant to apply for the various vacant post. Much earlier, some Departments charges Rs.200/- as exam fee. Yesterday i.e 23/02/19, the Gauhati High Court Kohima Bench invites application for the post of Judicial Assistant charging Rs.100/- as Exam fee. And yet some Department do not charge even a single rupee for exam fee.

I am very much aware that any Department will incur an expense to conduct an Exam if vacancy arises. But charging Rs.400/- as exam fee as in the case of Department of School Education is very much high. I believe that the Government Departments are making huge revenue from extra charge of Exam fees collected from Applicants. If in the recent advertised vacant post in Dept. Of School Education, 6000 to 8000 applicants applies for the said vacant post, then an amount comes upto Rs.24,00000/- to 32,00000/-(Rupees Twenty Four lakhs to Thirty Two lakhs). I should say that even half of the amount will not be incurred on conducting Exam. The Government Departments should understand that the job hunters are not lakhpatis or crorepatis. They should have a thought before charging high amount of exam fees from Zero income applicants. On this note I wish and request the Director, Department of School Education to make changes and reduce an exam fee to Rs.200/- or less, even though the form fill have already started. Likewise, further any Government Departments should bear in mind the problems of job seekers when charges high amount of Exam fees.

Meanwhile, usually there is Minister Quota, Sectretary Quota, Director or Deputy Quota etc when the vacant post arises in any Government Departments. But I pray and wish that the Department of School Education won’t apply the so called “Quota” system and conduct an open Exam by impartial and fair means.