An open address to the Indian Authorities

Kahuto Chishi Sumi
Hevishe Village, Dimapur


Respected Ladies and Gentlemen in the Seats of Power of the Union of India,


What I have to say should be an undeniably understood fact to any average, educated Indian; unfortunately, the People of Nagaland seem to suffer from collective split personality disorder. We cannot make up our minds as to whether we should try to live under the Union of India or support the Fight for Independence from India of some of our Underground Factions. And when you add to this confusion that our Elected Legislators play you against the underground factions and vice versa, all the while filling their pockets, our bewilderment is multiplied a hundredfold.


The recent calls by some of our Legislators and nearly all of our social and tribal organisations asking for Elections in Nagaland to be suspended until a Solution to the Naga issue is found, is a con being played on you and the Naga Electorate. Our present State Legislators know that their Alliance is in shambles, and the majority NPF Party is in tatters; they are bound for defeat in the upcoming Assembly Polls, so they have hatched this massive hoax of, “Solution before Election.” You must be aware that the Executive Members of all our social and tribal organisations who subscribe to this call are either compromised or co-opted by our Corrupt Legislators and do not reflect the wishes of the Common Man, as regards the coming Elections.


If Elections are deferred or delayed for any reason, Presidential Rule automatically kicks in. The catch lies in the fact that Presidential Rule does not come into force unless there is a Constitutional crisis. So, what can cause or is trying to cause a Constitutional crisis in Nagaland? The search for a Solution to the Naga issue has never, nor will it ever cause a Constitutional crisis, so it cannot be cited as a reason for deferring Elections. It is our Legislators, in cahoots with the Executive Members of many of our Social and Tribal Organisations, the very people who grow fat on the Largesse of the Union of India, that are trying to create a Constitutional crisis in Nagaland.


Whether you decide to act against all those seeking to cause a Constitutional crisis in Nagaland is for you to determine; but the silent majority of the People of Nagaland are observing how you will proceed. Will you listen to the voices of the Corrupt and Compromised of Nagaland, who seek to disrupt the due process of the Constitution of India, or will you proceed according to the Law of the Land and announce scheduled Polls in Nagaland?


I hold the view that the Constitution of India is the best Constitution of any country in the World, but it is unfortunate that many Indian Politicians have subverted its Principles and Ideals on numerous occasions over the course of the years, as have our Naga Politicians. Now you face another litmus test in Nagaland. Do you act in accordance with the Principles, Laws and Statues of India, as enshrined in The Constitution of India? Or do you yield to the insidious cries of a Corrupted Few and subvert the very Foundational Purpose on which it stands? If you decide on the latter course, you will prove to all thinking Nagas that The Indian Union and the Constitution on which it stands is a Union of short-term conveniences and that the Constitution of India is not worth the paper it’s printed on. Decide on the former course and you will have proved to us that India is a country where The Rule of Law Reigns Supreme and is a Union worth being a part of.