Open letter to ABAM and ABPF

Apokla and Tovitoli

River Belt Colony, Dimapur


With due respect, with reference to the news item published in local dailies regarding the church’s stand on Clean Election on February 2018, we fully support the stand for the gospel.


But the question is: Why did you not raise your voice when the NPF Government manned by a so called Christian leader has been entertaining the BJP Government by bringing Hindu institutes into the land? Is this some kind of partiality being shown to some parties? Is this really `clean’? when a person who has leanings towards Hinduism and Animism has been heavily in link with the centre and quietly entertaining and allowing Hindu organisations to settle here, the church organisations are quiet and suddenly there is this fervent and passionate stand. We are in doubt of the motives of the people who are sending out this clarion call suddenly.


We have very strong believers in the BJP (unfortunately for them) who sincerely want to influence our ‘enemies’ as we would say for the gospel by working on the inside. So the perspective depends on how one is looking at things! And we have very weak and poor believers in other parties who will sell their soul to the devil for any kind of gain, but who are in the guise of Christianity (but would jump at a chance to link up with the BJP if it is profitable for them!).


What the honourable church leaders may not be aware of is that the cry for clean elections apparently come a bit late because those in power have already piled their ill-gotten gain on the constituencies to buy them for the elections so they can now smile like saints and sit back and back up the call of the church to fight against the very people who they are already linked up to for the sake of their deep and reverent love for the Lord Jesus Christ!! Ridiculous!! Hahaha!


Oh church of Nagaland, you have been a sleeping giant and when you begin to wake up, you still see things in a blur, not as they’ really are we pray for you as you pray for us too!