Open letter to the Department of School Education Nagaland

H. Hokugha Yeptho
Achikuchu, Zunheboto


I, the undersigned would like to draw the attention of concerned department and likeminded section of the society on the prevailing system of appointment that I have been faced with while applying for a post of Carpentry Instructor at Government Middle School, Achikuchu under SDEO Aghunato, which became vacant following a retirement.


Having completed a diploma course in carpentry from ITI Kohima, I took the opportunity to apply for the existing vacancy vide an application dated 21/08/17 and have been running from pillar to pillar since then. It came to my knowledge that another gentleman had applied for the same but as per the remark of the Principal Director of the Department of School Education, my application, on the basis of being ITI trained and on being technically better qualified than the other applicant who was rejected by the Directorate for non-fulfillment of requisite criteria, was recommended for further pursuance. Subsequently, the Principal Director, in a letter (dated 26/10/17) addressed to the Principal Secretary, Department of School Education forwarded my application stating that I may be appointed for the said post.


However, to my utter surprise, the Secretariat of School Education Department overlooking the recommendation of Directorate of the School Education turned down my application and approved for the appointment, the other application that was not even recommended by the Directorate of the School Education. Whereas, I was found more qualified among the two applicants by the directorate and was selected and recommended accordingly.


As the Article 19(1) (a) of Indian Constitution says that all citizens have the right to freedom of speech and expression – the right to express one’s own convictions and opinions freely by words of mouth, writing, printing, pictures or any other mode, I, who have undergone immense mental and physical hardships pursuing the appointment would like to question the caliber of the concerned officials (Principal Secretary and Principal Director) and the department as a whole and its existing system of recruiting candidates into the service.


Here I would like to question:

1. What is the purpose of the existence of the Directorate or Principal Director if its selections/recommendations/forwarding does not hold any value or weightage? The Directorate of School Education should be closed down.
2. What is the use of establishing ITIs in the state when someone had undergone training in the institute but is not given preference for the job for which he/she has undergone the training for? ITIs in Nagaland should be closed down since certificates issued by the institute are not recognised.
3. How can an applicant who was selected by the directorate is unlawfully ignored and the one who was not selected be approved for the appointment to the post?
4. The Directorate, School Education should not entertain any approval of an application that was out rightly rejected by the department.

Every right thinking citizens and mass based organizations should voice out against such blatant and rampant mal-practice that is going on in the highest functioning system of our state. Future of Naga society is in the brink of total collapse if such corrupt system is allowed to continue in our state.


I have no grudge whatsoever against the other applicant but I am against the procedure in which the approval was made for the appointment. Therefore, I would like to ask the Department of School Education to clarify on the matter at the earliest.


Having spent maximum time and energy along with financial expenditure pursuing the matter, I would leave no stone unturned till justice is made. And hence, I would be compelled to seek judgement from the court.