An open letter to the MLA Ghaspani 1 A/C

Izuto Jimo
Concerned Citizen, Dimapur

I beg to communicate to the highest political authority of the State for favour of persual and consideration. While appreciating your leadership in representing the Assembly Constituency of Ghaspani 1, the undersigned in the capacity of a layman would like to highlight some of the difficulties and problems faced by the public of Niuland Area, Kuhuboto, Aghunaqa, Homeland and even far flung Rengmapani and Ralang Area or rather be called as ‘No bridge zone’ or proposed ‘foothill and potholes road’.


Here are the following few lines worth mentioning.
That Sir,
1. The collapse of 4th Mile bridge was just a beginning that handcuffed us opening the first page of so called difficulties and hardships.
2. Students had to travel kilometers to attend school situated in different location which was only a few meters away before the bridge collapsed. Forget about teachers and parents.
3. Somehow road through Seithekhima -Patkai seems road to Zion for us no matter what the conditions of road be.
4. Thousands curse every crossing truck for spoiling the muddy road.
5. We learned a practical lesson that our vehicles cannot plough a paddy field.
6. One tractor meant for cultivation was only a recovery vehicle that pulls out vehicles from deep trenches day and night.
7. it’s rather a good advice to stay at home instead of whole day travelling because we cannot complete even a single work when we reach our work destination.


Somehow foot path was constructed at 4th mile to many reliefs. Down came another pouring rain that took away the Balijan Bridge the only life line connecting to different parts of towns and villages. The people of these cut off areas are pushed back to primitive travelling like rock climbing, swimming, tree climbing. Some even carrying two wheelers at their back over a single wood log to be on the other side. Kudos to nearby villages who are always subjected to force labour clearing debris of collapsed bridge and jungles while providing foot Path Bridge and even temporary bridge at their own expense for the sake of public.


There are thousands of govt servants under different establishments including bank and medical staffs who ply through this only road to attend their duties. Hundreds of GPS,GMS,GHSS teaching and non teaching staffs travel daily through this treacherous road or be termed as ‘road in a potholes’ via Vihokhu -Kuhuboto to different parts of sub division, headquarters, town ,area and villages.


Now a person had to travel doubting whether they can get back home through this road again. He /she must board and change three to four vehicles at different junction to reach destination for daily chores and duties. Markets and business establishments are facing shortage of commodities. Offices are at the worst deserted. One hour of journey had stretch into three hour and so it takes a whole day for to and fro. Fares are climbing beyond reach but taxis and autos cannot be blame because of sever critical road conditions.


Therefore Sir, your kind attention is sought to take the matter to responsible higher authority and particular department to facilitate the basic necessary needs for the sake of common people irrespective of what party he may be.


1. Even before the collapse of bridge, in the above mention areas there was not even a single Government Transportation facility (NST). It will be the right time for govt and responsible authority to provide government owned public transport vehicles to lessen the burden of common people.
2. The construction and completion of 4th mile bridge is a long way dream. Therefore, road via Seitikhema- Nihoto-Zukihe to reach Dimapur and the bridges connected be well repaired and constantly monitored at.
3. If PWD cannot construct, maintain and cannot timely respond to emergency needs then let the neighbouring village take responsibility in maintaining road and bridges for which they will be paid by the govt.
4. To provide new buses by the govt for the public will be a lifelong procedure worsening situation with shortage of vehicles. Let the transport dept. open tender contract to private bus owners so that public can use it by paying low fares.
5. Immediate construction of temporary bridge at Balijan usable against any calamities and till permanent bridge is constructed.
6. As festive and Christmas season approaching along with worsening road the fares of autos and taxis are expected to stiff rise, therefore State authority takes prior precaution for unnecessary price rise.
7. Lastly the people of your constituency are expecting the road repair as CHRISTMAS GIFT so that we can remember your good deeds even DURING ELECTION.


Sir, as such your kind attention is sought to table the matter on behalf of your people. We also expect your esteem Legislative authority may consider the needs for onward recommendation. For such act of valuable legislation the people of your constituency shall sing the glory of the right decision under your capable leadership.