Open letter to authorities on price rise in Nagaland

Open letter to authorities on price rise in Nagaland


Avika V Jimo

Dear Chief Minister & Chief Secretary

There is a huge concern about the price escalation with regard to construction materials which is shooting up without proper control by the government.


While in rest of the country the price seems to fluctuate 1 or 2 rupees per kg for iron rod, here in Nagaland the rise is Rs. 5/10 and even more than 15 rupees per kg and it hardly comes down. (The average price of iron rod in Delhi is 35 per kg, while here in Dimapur it’s Rs. 53/54 per kg)


So also the cement and floor tiles. They usually come without MRP which looks fishy. Not to talk about the marble & granite.


The price of the bricks is sky rocketing. I think the cost of bricks is highest here in Dimapur, Nagaland than any other part of the country.


The price of sand is very unreasonable, and something could possibly be worked out with government of Assam.


To top it all no GST receipt are issued in almost all hardware stores across Nagaland, including Dimapur and Kohima, which is a serious trend. Something must be done.


There surely has been a higher demand in Dimapur and Kohima within this few years and likely to grow more in the coming years. But that does not entitle them to shoot up the price at the cost of our people and the government of Nagaland.


Reasonable pricing regulation is the need of the hour


Mhashevi Paul Kharütso: Everything is costly in our state. The syndicate system prevailing from before by certain groups getting commission from every commodity small or big happening right under the nose and knowledge of the state government and authority is the main cause.



Zakie Rupreo: Nagaland is a small state with the highest number of educated unemployed in proportionate with the population.


There are about 70442 educated unemployed youth registered in the life register of the Department of Employment Exchange in the state. There may be huge number of unregistered plus drop-out and lots.


There is urgent need to curb the menace and this need to be emphatically stressed. It would be staggering and grief concern posing a serious threat for the upcoming young generation.


(1) Why there is lots of unemployment in Nagaland.

(2) What is the problem and cause of unemployment.

(3) What measures and strategies should be taken to reduce unemployment.

(4) What appropriate step & remedies should be taken by the government?

Kindly, pour in your wisdom, valuable suggestion & constructive criticism.


Mazie Nakhro: Even an ant with a microscopic brain is never jobless. As humans, each person is blessed with a 2 pound brain. So I see no reason why anyone can be jobless. On a personal note, I’m challenging myself to create at least 15 job opportunities in the next five years and that without my own capital or government help. Hold me accountable. By the way, I say this simply to challenge our unemployed. If I believe I can do, I’m sure anyone else can do it too.


Ikotor Chopz: Some few reasons I have noticed:

1. The highly qualified gets deprived of government sector jobs through open backdoor appointments.

2. 80% of those candidates only want government jobs which the government cannot accommodate.

3. The remaining 20%, there are not enough jobs in the private sector to accommodate them in their field of study.
And the most important point, Nagas in general, just can’t seem to work under someone else. We just cannot swallow our pride even when we have nothing.


Yong Kong Toshi: Our ego and qualifications should not come in between our work. Start small, with humility and honesty. I agree with taxation and capital. However, we can find thousands outsiders with the same problems doing well, right in front of r eyes. Educated individual should accept grocery shop, construction labour, door to door marketing, tuition/coaching, driving, waiter etc as job, only then we may become entrepreneur, contractor, transport agents, school administrator or hotelier. Our humility and optimist mentality is the first step to start something from nothing. Bro no hard feelings just a thought out of small humble experience.


Yibenthung Yanthan: My dear brothers and sisters we should start doing the works that other people are doing for us. Every job has its dignity. If we start making our presence in our own markets and our construction sites then our unemployment problem will get solved automatically. It’s better to feed ourselves than being a parasite. I even used to see lots of unemployed educated youths hesitant to just give tuitions for an hour or two. Laziness and ego is killing our society.


Sanyo Konyak: FIRST of all, don’t look to government for job and don’t wait for the job opening. If the youth keep doing this, it will add to thousand of them every year. Look for creative entrepreneurship and go out of Nagaland. You cannot be educated and unemployed. GET OUT OF THIS MENTALITY!! You can always find a job. May God lead you as you look for job in unlikely places!!


Keith Robert: The largest organized “Human Resource” in Nagaland (in terms of quantity) is with the Underground groups. Considering modern technology, their trainings and skills in modern warfare is USELESS. Their TAXATION cannot be justified. Instead of THREATENING OTHERS & TAXING BUSINESSES if they focus on their HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT they can even operate a MANUFACTURING UNIT (Legally of course, by registering and obtaining License and most of all, paying TAX to Government of Nagaland). If their LEADERS can command to TAX, they can command to do GOOD for the SOCIETY as well. They earn their own livelihood for their survival and let the NAGA PEOPLE also earn their own livelihood in PEACE.